Saturday, August 01, 2009

Thank You

I'm sure all of you remember the post I'd put up sometime back, about a friend of a friend who needed to go abroad for a rare cancer ailment. I just got a mail from my friend, which goes as follows:

Dear Ramani's Well Wisher.
I write to you with great relief and intense happiness about the successful bone marrow transplant conducted on Ramani.
A few minutes back I spoke to both Ramani and Alpa ( Ramani's wife). The transplant happened yesterday evening ( 30th July) at the Royal Free Hospital in the UK. Post this transplant, Ramani needs to be under observation for 100 days and hence would be spending sometime in the UK to recuperate.
While discussing on how important it is in one's life to 'be positive', Ramani was at his jocular best stating that he had no choice, esp now with his new blood group 'B+ve'.
Ramani's next words to me, "B , please thank all who could make this possible". I thus take this opportunity to convey his gratitude to each of YOU who offered valuable contribution as well as prayed for his speedy recovery. Please convey this message to your friends, who in turn have been instrumental in being the extended arm. It is heartening to see how a campaign driven by close friends and relatives ( could make this possible.
While I conclude the mail, I cannot ignore to convey a BIG THANK YOU to the donor of stem cells, who for confidentially reasons, would remain anonymous to all us.
In an era, where each one of us struggle to fight for our space, let's hope and pray that we continue to make a valuable difference to a fellow human.
Best Regards

From my side:

Thank you, everyone who contributed in their own ways after reading my post- through prayers, contributions...every little bit helped, I am sure, in making the seemingly difficult task 'happen'. And, of course,thank you, God!


Arunima said...

oh, it is so nice to read this. God bless!

Keshi said...

It just goes to show how far Kindness can go. Lovely letter of gratitude!


Deepa said...

:) Miracles happen!!
Whatmore we can ask for! When Our Prayers are answered.
I applaud everyone who have been there to make this miracle happen.
Lets us wish good health & all the happiness for Ramani.