Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've said this earlier and I continue to say it.It's great to be alive, to have all our bodily functions intact and to be in the 'pink of health and spirits' as they say!*smiles* Everything else is secondary - how much we earn,what our neighbour has, what his neighbour has,why our flat is small, why he said this to me, why she said this to her, gossip...everything. We shouldn't allow it to spoil the gratitude we need to feel towards Him for each day which is passing without any real problems.

Having said this, please go through this email I received from a friend, about a friend of his. I've reproduced it below:
Message from a friend of mine:

Tragedy stuck a close friend Ramani: At this juncture of our lives and in the current scenario, I believe all our problems look meagre compared to what Ramani and his family are going through...

I have known Ramani since several years during our stay in Dubai and rate an excellent human being. His industrious nature, loyalty and self made persona has always inspired me. Ironically, in the past, he been instrumental to collect much needed funds for the troubled and poor expatriates who have seen rough times here.

Life has now taken an unprecedented turn for him. It is thus a humble request to contribute whatever best you can. Please view his full details on the website

Note: I believe the above link is temporarily not working today. If so, please see below:

Being one of those who believes that miracles can and do occur, please do reach out to the world via your blogs/friends...

And, do join me in saying a prayer for Ramani! With God's Grace, he will recover!


Kunjal said...

yes we are so occupied in our materialistic goals that we forgot to thank god for simple things.The url is not working so I could not go through your friend's details but I will surely pray for him:)

austere said...

Link not working.

AmitL said...

Hi,Kunjal..Thanks..and,I corrected the link.Please see.
Austy,I just corrected the link.

Arunima said...

i cannot open it from here (office) will try it at home again.

austere said...

Nope- doesn't work.

austere said...

saw the cpaa site.

Keshi said...

so sad! its always the good guy who has to go thru the toughest times. I cant u'stand why tho!

I wish him well!

And like u said, we always whinge abt rubbish. Alot of ppl ard me do the same thing day in and out, and it makes me very angry!


Aquarius said...

hey amit

I know Ramani's Brother well.He was my sisters Classmate in college in Nagpur. Guys...please help with whatever you will be really appreciated.There is a group on facebook as well for people to spread the word around.

Anonymous said...