Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Hello, hello. I've been planning to return to blogging, since quite some time. And somehow today, my instinct says 'go ahead'. So here goes:

Topic: Nostalgia:

There was a time when, for many of us :

-Gluco and Monaco represented biscuits.

-Ambassador and Fiat Padmini represented cars

-Campwala and Baroda City Bakery represented breads(all maida, and no ill effects..LOL)(Must have been similar in other cities)

-Coke and Fanta represented Cold Drinks( and Campa Cola on North side)

-DoorDarshan represented the solitary TV channel. All their programs would be ‘by heart’.

-Cinema halls represented the only means of watching movies. A visit to a 70 mm cinema was a major life changing experience. (First movie: Star Wars)

-Water meant the municipality water, filtered via a ‘chalni’, and poured into an earthen pot(or matka)

-In summer, cold water meant going to the nearby area, to buy ice blocks, to keep in an ice box, on 
top / side of which water bottles would be kept.

-Icecream meant either homemade, churned icecream(a once or twice a year event) or, ice cream of the softy type at  Samrat ice cream(In Baroda)
-Favourite radio program meant ‘Binaca, nee, Cibaca Geet Mala’ with Ameen Sayani every Wednesday at 8 PM. And, ‘other’ programs were Vividh Bharati- all on MW or SW bands.

-The elite also had EPs and LPs, to be played on a record player. A scratch on a record meant either a weird add-on sound or a particular line being played again and again till the needle was lifted and moved forward.

-Music player meant a mono tape recorder…the type which loved to eat those thin tapes in the cassettes every few days, leading to many a heartbreak. Buying a Sony Walkman was a dream, and those who had one would be an Object Of Envy.

-Salt meant plain white salt.

-Sugar meant plain white sugar

-Tea meant either Brooke Bond Red Label, or, in Baroda, Somabhai CTC 10 would be the hot(Pun intended) favourite.

-Coffee: Was nescafe, but naturally. Espresso was made at home, after mixing coffee and sugar et al for an hour or so while having tete-a-tetes with family or friends, with people taking turns to do the mixing.

-Toothpaste: Was Colgate, but of course.

-Magazines: were Illustrated Weekly of India, Filmfare, Femina, Film Mirror, and a couple of others.

-Newspapers: were Times of India , Indian express, and the local gujarati papers.

-Transport: meant local buses. An autorickshaw was for specific occasions. Taxis were only the ‘kaali-peeli’, for going from railway station to destination.

-Train travel meant ‘sleeper class’, and, carrying a ‘bistar bandh’ as it was called, that fat,  rolled up bedding, with a pillow, and a couple of things that didn’t fit in the suitcases, added to it, since sleeper class had wooden seats only.

What about you? Shareworthy memories? Please share.

Cheerio till next time. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's been a while since I posted. Too much work pressure last week as well, leading to me spending my spare time either walking or watching Seinfeld or oldie Hindi movies- Shaukeen, Golmaal,etc, to keep the spirits up..and, it works..but naturally.

You know how you could tell whether you're tensed? In a silent room, Try turning your neck left and right. Or, try letting it go up-down. Or, rotate in a circle,slowly..if you hear 'crrrk crrk or a tic tic' kind of sound, it means there's some tension.(The more the sound, the more the tension). I've noticed that on Sunday morns, these sounds disappear, coz of the two holidays that give one a chance to unwind..and, as the weekday progresses, it's Thursday that creates the most sound, figuratively speaking.heh heh. Plan to remedy it, of course. Let's list out..and, any nice suggestions from my good friends(you all who read this) are welcome.

- Take things at work a bit lightly. 

-Stop being a perfectionist -if others are acting strategically incompetent, let them still do their work themselves. They'll learn (or unlearn) sooner or later.

- Read,  listen to/watch your favourite songs and/or at least one Bhajan a day(depending on the mood), watch at least one part of The Secret every day-five minutes, even.

Remember, life is meant to be abundant. And it should be!!

There- I feel better already..thanks for reading, folks!!:) And have a lovely day. I certainly will!!!:) Update coming up soon.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Hello..been a mite too tied up at work these last few days...will surely be posting in detail in 1-2 days..:)

Meanwhile, what's been keeping me in good spirits in those free moments when I could rejuvenate?

-YRF Top 50 songs



-The Big Bang Theory


-Posts on FB and blogs from my relatively newer blog/FB friends, J Dip, Ms. R(Links in my blogroll- both their blogs are eminently readable), ..and, of course, my regular pals on FB, blogs...

Just thinking of these makes me laugh..:) Till the next post, do keep smiling.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Memory

Hi all...a bit late in the day but still...here goes an update on how the birthday passed...

On 22.02, I was in Doha(not the Gujarati word that means 'old man') Qatar, for a meeting...the day flew by..(maybe a separate post on observations)..returned at 10 at night. Fell asleep, woke up at midnight..(yea..birthday time), courtesy an awesome leg muscle pull that didn't let me stand straight for the first 5 minutes....and then, slowly it became better.have had this prob long back, but it'd vanished..wonder what caused it? ah well...no harm done.

Normal routine and then off to work..couldn't find time to breathe that busy day. Reached home in the evening and guess what? Fell asleep at 7...hahahahaha..well, that was a birthday that flew by,na?

R gave the right suggestion- have a blast over the weekend to make up.And I followed that advice.(separate post)

Next day, checked on Facebook-and,voila- 25 birthday greetings...I didn't really expect that 25 people would notice..thank you all, once again..that made my day.

The Giordano folks sent  an email offering a 20% off on all their range, only for me on my birthday-but then, when they have a sale, I get 40-50% off, so-didn't use it.

On to the fortunes:


(Don't ask-yeh kaun hai? It's just one of the nice aspects of a Lenovo laptop..hahaha)


  You love to make momey and you make a lot of it quite effortlessly as the new moon in your sign initiates a trend of gains. Money continues to flow into your coffers trough rents, leases, loans, promissory notes. A good bank balance makes you feel secure.

(My comment: aap ke munh mein ghee shakkar.. when that comes true, I'll retire and take it easy in good ole Baroda)
Local paper 1:

Because you're far more intuitive than most of the signs you may already be aware that you must break away from certain restrictived habits or commitments. Reflect on these but make no decisions until after early March's Pisces New Moon. This ends one cycle and marks the beginning of another.

From same paper:
If it's your birthday today:

The arrival of the planet of ego, Mars, in your sign on your birthday indicates that it's time to conduct a serious review of your priorities. Begin and you'll soon realize that what once was fine is becoming increasingly irritating. Only when this is done should you consider untertaking any changes.

(My comment...bang on, if it means what I'm sensing is beginning to happen, already)
Local paper 2:

Give it your all and soldier on. The armed forces have an amazing training program and philosophy that you can emulate. You can exercise and push yourself mentally to the links of endurance.

From same paper:
If it's your birthday today:

'successful in love, successful in money' seems to be the slogan for you during the next several weeks. This is a fabulous time to apply for a new job or make a career change, because people will see your talents and charms more clearly. Your sincerity and honest nature shines through, too, so a special someone might trust you enough to make a permanent commitment either now-or in July, when your heart is definitely, and obviously, in the right place. In October, Lady Luck smiles on just about everything you do or begin, so that is a very good time to put your most cherished plans into motion if you want a happy ending.

(My comment: A big smile :))
Well, overall, that's some things to look forward to, na, as always.

Just remembered: This year, the birthday was on a Wednesday, which is the same day that it was back in____ when I was born.(And, don't ask 'when was that?'..hahaha)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


(My movie review in Filmfare-Feb first issue: click to read more..;))
Hello, all!!Yes, I've missed posting, and, even more, I've missed going around to my favourite bloggers blogs, reading their fabulous updates and posts..no regrets, though- it's always fun to be busy and having time flying by, and that's what's been happening since I returned to Dxb on Sunday last.
Back to Sunday, and my always-interesting time at Abad airport..this time, I had the good sense to keep a mini diary and pen in my pocket, and what you're reading below is, therefore, ad verbatim what was floating around in the air by way of conversation/opinions/thoughts.

- At Port Lounge Restaurant at the airport:

Man to waiter: Do you complimentary sauce? If you do, we'll take two aloo parathas

-Man near boarding gate talking on cellphone:

"Hoon upar pahunchi gayo. Dubai maa rickshaw maa besyaa pachhi call kareesh"(I reached up there...will call you after catching a rickshaw in Dubai"
(I wish I could've told him with a smile that 'Upar pahunchi gayo' relates to reaching Too High..:)And, there're no rickshaws yet in Dxb.

-Man standing line at checkin, with his wife:

"Tu Tension Na Leti"( don't take tension)
"Tu Chinta Na Karti"( don't worry)
"Departure form 5-10 lai leje- lakhti wakhte mishtake thai sha-ke(Take 5-10 departure forms- errors occur during writing them)
"Aa line to online checkin ni chhe...kyaare number laage?"(this is the line for online checkins..when will our number come?)

(All this while, the poor wife had never said a word)

-Family of 6 in port lounge restaurant :

They discussed all the food that they had during their trip...samosa, dhokla, undhiyu,mast shakahari (veggie)food at a dhaba, etc...all in painstaking details.

(No wonder I thoroughly savoured the veggie food served in-flight..though is was none of these scrumptious dishes)

- Group of 5 people in the hotel pick up bus in Dxb, sitting right behind me:

-  Aa airport to Heeth-do jevo laage chhe.(This airport looks like Heathrow)

-  'Middlesex got it's name when a group of neutrals got together and decided to have their own community area in U.K.'
Lots more fun moments...but, the above ones were the funniest...grin grin grin...looking forward to the next trip.:)

Till the next post, Take Care, Keep Smiling and have a Lovely Day.(I surely will-we have three days off..hahaha)

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Observation 1:

Have you ever seen a residential building under construction? It's amazing. The worker teams are nothing but families. The man (or men) of the family are the skilled craftsmen/workers- masons, for example. The wife(wives) will be carrying the bricks and stones from their storage space to the place of work, whichever floor they're required on. The kids (Anyone 5 plus) would be doing the cleaning up of the areas, bringing tea, etc. And, the babies would be swaying happily in the jhoola made between two pillars, using a sari/dhoti/lungi.The residences of these families also change constantly based on the sites they're working in.

Observation 2:

Work stops every hour or so- tea time/beedi time/sitting in squatting position time/chatting time. Work also stops if there's Amavasya. It also stops(for 2-3 months) when it's the harvest season in the fields at their villages. It also stops on Diwali/Dussera/Rakhee/...and any festival they feel they need to enjoy. The latest was someone wanting to take an off for Republic Day.

Observation 3: Builders have no control over these people. Only their(the workers' team leader can force them to do anything, if possible, by offering them hefty bonuses, probably)

Observation 4: To get agencies to do your work on time, do not rely on the site engineer or the builder. If you need it done, stand there, call people again, again, again, again..(yesterday, I called one Co 11 times) till they turn up.

(More will come, as I keep observing)

Ultimate Observation

This is why Projects in India get delayed.

(Movie memories: Nirupa Roy in Deewar)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baroda Diary: 2011..con't

We're now on the 27th day of 2011...it's so heavenly...srtpping out of bed without any aches/pains/tiredness, thanking the Universe for another good night's sleep, smiling at one's face in the mirror, quick teeth brushing, cuppa tea,etc morning routine.

Off then to EME Temple. Greeting everyone with folded hands, meeting the three retired Uncles who have been coming there even before I began going there regularly. Saying prayers and morning chants. Knowing that the day is bound to go off better than the best of them.:)

Getting on two-wheeler, stopping for a quick cuppa golden chai at the larri, if it's too cold and a warm-up is needed to begin walking, going to Sayaji Park and walking 4-5 kms.

The rest of the day rushes along...lots of fun observations , that make one smile...there's also very less effort needed now to avoid all negatives, that end with n't(i.e. won't, can't, wouldn't, .....)...immediate replacement of these words with positives is a delight. Similar to replacing all(if any) annoyed thoughts with pleasant ones.:)

Cheerio, till the next post.

PS A movie review from me, in Filmfare latest issue. Will scan and put it up next time.

And, let me add this pic- inspiration for the day(Also up on my Inspirations Blog):

Nice, na? Cheerio!