Friday, October 19, 2007

Ten Things

Thought for the day: Sometimes I think I understand everything,then I regain consciousness.
Television news is no longer what it used to be. Isn't it a fact? Earlier, the only news we could look forward to was what politicians did during the day. Now, we have everything in the news,in fact,sometimes,I find news channels more entertaining than the entertainment channels. Take,for example, NDTV-they give live temperatures from around the world, along with a video of the place too,right from Holland to London to Jaipur....that's much more exciting than a guy pointing at a map and showing clouds or the sun,na?

Or, take the Bollywood gossip on another news channel,which had as it's highlight, the fact that Mallika Sherawat is busy slapping these days. No,no,not slapping as in angry slaps,but,slapping as in,part of her role in a movie called 'Ugly aur Pagli'(What a title!), where she has to keep slapping Ranvir Shenoy. It also pointed out that she took slapping lessons,to perfect the art..Whew! I wonder whether this could be a course of the future,and you could do Phd in it?

Anyone seen her on Koffee with Karan(The recent episode,not the earlier one), where Sanjay Leela Bhansali was present? She was so frank and clear in her,err,'liberated' thoughts,that I am sure I could see Karan and Sanjay blushing at some of her answers.Hehe..right from saying that she has a superiority complex where men are concerned,to admitting that she hates going to pseudo parties,she was the star of the show,definitely,even though the rapidfire round had Sanjay getting the coffee hamper.
On to the '10 things' article I mentioned last time. I'm still not sure whether the article was supposed to be humorous or serious or both.Confirmations,please!

It's from an article from a mag I like(sadly,it's not available in Dubai),and it's titled

'10 things men don't know about women'. (Keshi,u asked about this in your comment,remember?Now,answer them!)...
1. Good looks and a good body,do not make our world go round. Some of us prefer men with more substance. For starters, intelligence,a sense of humour and common sense would work well.
2. Women are actually bigger go-getters than menWe are savvy,street smart,more feisty,and we don't always need to be protected.
3. We really do like men who are themselves. We don't like men who are pretentious,pretend to be super cool or macho.We can see through that act,you know.
4.We have s*x as much on our mind as you do.
5. Pedicures,mancures,shavingchest hair and your face work for us.We don't like the unkept look.The cleaner you are,the cooler you are.
6.Using bath gels,lovely face washes and foam baths is really cool with us...just don't filch any of ours.
7.We are adventurous too. Be it with food,travel,spice or even in bed.Spare us the monotony,please.
8.We accept that men are better cooks.And a man who's handy in the kitchen is a real turn-on.The way to a woman's heart is also through her stomach.
9.We wish you would accept that men love to be wooed.You love the romance,the flowers,chocolates and cards.
10.Women do get over things- in a snap.We don't nag or need aeons to get over you.
On to the end jokes:

-Why do we wash BATH towels? Aren't we clean when we use them? If not then what was the purpose of the bath?

- One woman says to another, "I can't understand why you haven't gone to see that new gynaecologist yet!"
"Mine gynecologist is fine. I don't need to change." But the new one's so young and handsome, while your gynecologist is so old!"
The other woman replies with a smile, "Yeah, I know. His hands shake all the time!"
Till next time,keep smiling.


AVIANA said...

interesting..i never thought about us washign towels....well, try it...stop washing your towels and see what happens...i'd be curious to find out your response...

have a nice weekend

DICEY said...

Gooooo, women! Yaaay.

austere said...

Anyone who has reinvented herself completely like this lady has, has my complete grudging respect, I mean where is Reena Lambah and where is the skies is Mallika Sherawat? Dyou remember reading "crystal" on based on her story.

You have a point there abt the entertainment quotient on the news channels. Better to stick to saas bahu sagas that are titled thusly, me thinks.

Sweetstickychewy said...

The thought of the day speaks well.

Same here. i sometimes actually do find new channel pretty entertaining..:)

And those 10 things are true!


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

lol ugly aur pagli .. thts news!! for some reason i don't like her .. she's too loud and well .. err.. over-confident ... and i think sanjay bhansali was right in saying that she needs an attitude lesson .. or somethin similar .. can't remember the exact words. Looks and body wise she's GOOD! ;)

lol @ gynaec! Its trueeeeeeee its trueeeeeeeee ... believe me hot looking doctors do attract more patients lol

I had no idea u guys were so dumb that u didnt knw these things abt us! lol ;p ;p thanks for enlightening ;p

Anz said...

I too laughed at the title of "Ugly and Pagli" but seems apt for her. Some i wonder whether she was being practiced upon?

Keshi said...

hahaha Amit I agree with all of em except

**8.We accept that men are better cooks

dream on LOL!


Anonymous said...

Mallika Sherawat...ummm...I never found her hot..err...sensuous to be specific...she just has an hourglass times she looks like posing for an ad of silicone wonders....hehe...but very smart chick....strategic in her career moves...!!

Guess..we need to wash bath towels...coz we hang them to dry after cleaning ourselves...and their wet surface catch all the dirt and pollution frm the atmosphere....Same as we need to wash curtains....upholstery...even though they dont get wet...!!


Sam said...

lol... @gynae... now dats something i'll file away in my memory!! ;)

abt gals though some add ons....
wen talking abt substance... they seem to have a thing for good voices.. i mean something "distinctively male" (don't ask me abt it.. the lady who told me... dropped it right der!!)
clean shaven - yes, shaved body - not alwys.. some ladies love to play with the damn chest hairs - hoipe they understand it hurts!! :(
and girls only get over in a snap if they want out.. else no... never!! :)
care to deny ladies??

Ritu said...

Hi Amit... Visited your blog after a long time... Must say the pic reminds me of ME... SIGH!!!! No wonder that I was never happy in my job but my boss certainly was!

AmitL said...

Hi,Aviana...hehe..okie..since you said it,I'll try..

AmitL said...

Hi,Dicey...yes,indeedy..gooo,women!:)So,you agree with the points??

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy..that's true..she's reinvented herself completely.I haven't read the roughpad article,I think..will do so,tomorrow..

Arghhh--saas bahu sagas??*runs a mile*.

AmitL said...

Hi,SweetSC...the thought of the day..yes...I liked it too..aah..the 10 things are true??I somehow knew you'd say that.

AmitL said...

Hi,Loon Gal..hehe..nice title,na(Ugly aur pagli)..well,her overconfidence is sometimes jarring,I agree... the gynaec joke comment.,you also agree,like SweetSC,that the 10 things are correct??wow.

AmitL said...

Hi, your comment on the title being apt for Ms. Sherawat..and,welcome back..when're u returning to regular blog posts??

AmitL said...

Hi,,that's not polite..hehe...what can you cook,please enlighten me.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,...shi..yes,strategic in career moves is the right phrase for Ms. Sherawat.:)

And,that logic about washing bath towels,seems to be the answer.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Sam..LOL..did you file away the gynaec logic,really?

Nice additions to the 10 points.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Ritu..great to see you back.:)Will chk out ur blog regularly,now.:)

Anonymous said...

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