Monday, November 05, 2007

(Quip: Now, isn't that the truth and nothing but the truth everywhere??)

Thought for the day: What you want to see in others, you must first see inside you. What you expect from others, you must first expect it from yourself. Life is just a mirror.

Curious thought for the day: Do nudists have pin-ups of people with clothes on?

Do you believe that the stars influence your daily life, your behaviour,et al? I do. In fact, every time I don’t, something happens to convince me that it’s true. I was talking to a friend who’s highly into reading about such topics, spiritualism, etc and his thoughts match- namely, sciences which did not have a basis, died down over a period of time. However, astrology has been around for donkey’s years, and still going strong. So, there's surely something in it. Ok, there’s the good ones and there’s the frauds.(Like the dhongi babas and all) But, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, as you try and do in all fields of life.

For example, there are times when the minimal of stress makes me want to snap, snarl, bark (If you believe I can do that.LOL), while, at other times, I am overloaded with all kinds of work, and yet, I’m CCC - calm, cool and collected as a daisy. In fact, the last ten days were one such ‘zone’, of the first type. There was pressure, I agree, but, nothing which I’ve already managed in the past and still manage. But, still, I was getting headaches, backaches, not wanting to talk to anyone, keeping my cellphone off, just to avoid conversation and what not. Suddenly, since yesterday, it began easing, and today, I’m back to (ab)normal.LOL. Perhaps that’s why I was also avoiding writing blog posts/ blog surfing since the last few days, since I firmly believe in writing only when in a good mood, otherwise the ‘morosity’ tends to spill over to the posts/comments.

(Is that a word, I wonder? Morosity. Yes it is. Haha. It means’ characterized by or expressing gloom’, and I’d hate to do that.)

And, believe it or not, this is what a part of the ‘fortune’ in Sunday Times (of India) says: (I always make it a point to read it, since it’s by my favourite astrologer, Bejan D, who’s usually a positive prediction maker, even for negative predictions):

“Saturn makes an exit from your bad sign, and therefore the pressure, pain and opposition of the last few months will ease away.”

Amen to that.
On to the end jokes:

Then there was the boastful Blond who bragged that her husband had never found a stranger in her closet-they were all his friends.
Limerick of the day:
A gullible blonde called Fay
Almost ruined herself, so they say.
You may think it nice
She thought doctor's advise
Was three hearty males every day!
Stalemate: A husband who has lost his ardor.
Observation: She was only a Librarian's daughter, but she was checked out from cover to cover.
Till next time, keep LOLling.


Keshi said...

LOL @nudists joke!

**Do you believe that the stars influence your daily life, your behaviour

mmm difficult to ans that mum believes in it...Im not so sure. But its strange how sometimes things happen w.o. ur knowledge or there must be some influence from stars. Why Im saying that is cos we r all part of this Universe...just like the trees, rivers and rocks...humans r also a part of nature. So just like how the clouds and rain and the sea affect each other, stars must affect us too.


Keshi said...


:)hows u?


KAYLEE said...


austere said...

I believe. The Chron one and then freewillastrology. Uncanny.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-it's something worth wondering about,na??First,I'd have to find a nu*ist,out here..LOL.
Yes,there certainly is something to events happening in our universe and stars affecting us.
Hi,Kaylee-I'm fine.How @ you?