Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's been a while since I posted. Too much work pressure last week as well, leading to me spending my spare time either walking or watching Seinfeld or oldie Hindi movies- Shaukeen, Golmaal,etc, to keep the spirits up..and, it works..but naturally.

You know how you could tell whether you're tensed? In a silent room, Try turning your neck left and right. Or, try letting it go up-down. Or, rotate in a circle,slowly..if you hear 'crrrk crrk or a tic tic' kind of sound, it means there's some tension.(The more the sound, the more the tension). I've noticed that on Sunday morns, these sounds disappear, coz of the two holidays that give one a chance to unwind..and, as the weekday progresses, it's Thursday that creates the most sound, figuratively speaking.heh heh. Plan to remedy it, of course. Let's list out..and, any nice suggestions from my good friends(you all who read this) are welcome.

- Take things at work a bit lightly. 

-Stop being a perfectionist -if others are acting strategically incompetent, let them still do their work themselves. They'll learn (or unlearn) sooner or later.

- Read,  listen to/watch your favourite songs and/or at least one Bhajan a day(depending on the mood), watch at least one part of The Secret every day-five minutes, even.

Remember, life is meant to be abundant. And it should be!!

There- I feel better already..thanks for reading, folks!!:) And have a lovely day. I certainly will!!!:) Update coming up soon.


shooting star said...

might i add doing some kind of excercise/running/yoga daily.....i do pranayams daily and it calms me down and refreshes me for the whole day ahead.....if one hasnt got time for any physical activity, atleast try to do some pranayam

AmitL said...

Haha..Sush, thank you..Walking is already a part of my routine-maybe @ 2 hours a day...and,4-5 hrs on Fri-Sat holidays.
Good idea @ the Pranayam.Will try it.

Arunima said...

"life is meant to be abundant" nice one.