Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Hello..been a mite too tied up at work these last few days...will surely be posting in detail in 1-2 days..:)

Meanwhile, what's been keeping me in good spirits in those free moments when I could rejuvenate?

-YRF Top 50 songs



-The Big Bang Theory


-Posts on FB and blogs from my relatively newer blog/FB friends, J Dip, Ms. R(Links in my blogroll- both their blogs are eminently readable), ..and, of course, my regular pals on FB, blogs...

Just thinking of these makes me laugh..:) Till the next post, do keep smiling.


☆ Crazy Diamond ☆ said...


thanksss, i am glad my blog brings a smile on your face

Arunima said...

will check out crazy diamind. I need to catch up on a few seasons of Sienfeld.

shooting star said...

thanks for ur words slowly getting back to life...have to my mum, brother and husband to live my life with....nad ur so right...Dad must be luking down on me and he would be sorry if am in this sad depressed state all the time....