Thursday, February 17, 2011


(My movie review in Filmfare-Feb first issue: click to read more..;))
Hello, all!!Yes, I've missed posting, and, even more, I've missed going around to my favourite bloggers blogs, reading their fabulous updates and regrets, though- it's always fun to be busy and having time flying by, and that's what's been happening since I returned to Dxb on Sunday last.
Back to Sunday, and my always-interesting time at Abad airport..this time, I had the good sense to keep a mini diary and pen in my pocket, and what you're reading below is, therefore, ad verbatim what was floating around in the air by way of conversation/opinions/thoughts.

- At Port Lounge Restaurant at the airport:

Man to waiter: Do you complimentary sauce? If you do, we'll take two aloo parathas

-Man near boarding gate talking on cellphone:

"Hoon upar pahunchi gayo. Dubai maa rickshaw maa besyaa pachhi call kareesh"(I reached up there...will call you after catching a rickshaw in Dubai"
(I wish I could've told him with a smile that 'Upar pahunchi gayo' relates to reaching Too High..:)And, there're no rickshaws yet in Dxb.

-Man standing line at checkin, with his wife:

"Tu Tension Na Leti"( don't take tension)
"Tu Chinta Na Karti"( don't worry)
"Departure form 5-10 lai leje- lakhti wakhte mishtake thai sha-ke(Take 5-10 departure forms- errors occur during writing them)
"Aa line to online checkin ni chhe...kyaare number laage?"(this is the line for online checkins..when will our number come?)

(All this while, the poor wife had never said a word)

-Family of 6 in port lounge restaurant :

They discussed all the food that they had during their trip...samosa, dhokla, undhiyu,mast shakahari (veggie)food at a dhaba, etc...all in painstaking details.

(No wonder I thoroughly savoured the veggie food served in-flight..though is was none of these scrumptious dishes)

- Group of 5 people in the hotel pick up bus in Dxb, sitting right behind me:

-  Aa airport to Heeth-do jevo laage chhe.(This airport looks like Heathrow)

-  'Middlesex got it's name when a group of neutrals got together and decided to have their own community area in U.K.'
Lots more fun moments...but, the above ones were the funniest...grin grin grin...looking forward to the next trip.:)

Till the next post, Take Care, Keep Smiling and have a Lovely Day.(I surely will-we have three days off..hahaha)


shooting star said...

yes, sometimes its fun to be socially and professionally engaged such that you feel that time has flown!!!!

wow, you actually took the pains to write down, you are quite an observer and listener!!!

austere said...

Congrats on the review!

Loved the "tenshun na leti" and the "ricksha maan besi ney.."

AmitL said...

Sush,that's so true..and,to be honest, it's the best thing to happen(being ultra busy) when you just return to a foreign land and miss the family..ahem).
Thanks for the 'observer and listener' comment.:)
And,glad u liked the 'discussions' heard at airport.:)

Arunima said...

i think we focus a lot of food. i have also seen a lot of people discuss food in detail from their travel and holidays.

Good review.