Saturday, February 05, 2011


Observation 1:

Have you ever seen a residential building under construction? It's amazing. The worker teams are nothing but families. The man (or men) of the family are the skilled craftsmen/workers- masons, for example. The wife(wives) will be carrying the bricks and stones from their storage space to the place of work, whichever floor they're required on. The kids (Anyone 5 plus) would be doing the cleaning up of the areas, bringing tea, etc. And, the babies would be swaying happily in the jhoola made between two pillars, using a sari/dhoti/lungi.The residences of these families also change constantly based on the sites they're working in.

Observation 2:

Work stops every hour or so- tea time/beedi time/sitting in squatting position time/chatting time. Work also stops if there's Amavasya. It also stops(for 2-3 months) when it's the harvest season in the fields at their villages. It also stops on Diwali/Dussera/Rakhee/...and any festival they feel they need to enjoy. The latest was someone wanting to take an off for Republic Day.

Observation 3: Builders have no control over these people. Only their(the workers' team leader can force them to do anything, if possible, by offering them hefty bonuses, probably)

Observation 4: To get agencies to do your work on time, do not rely on the site engineer or the builder. If you need it done, stand there, call people again, again, again, again..(yesterday, I called one Co 11 times) till they turn up.

(More will come, as I keep observing)

Ultimate Observation

This is why Projects in India get delayed.

(Movie memories: Nirupa Roy in Deewar)


shooting star said...

very true!!!
i have been around construction sites, so i can understand and get ur observations!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree on the family part :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

To get it done, we need to stand there and make it work. True.

AmitL said...

Hi,Sush..I knew you'd get what I was saying..the construction line is amazing,na-surprises,always:)
R- ah,I see you've observed this too..amazing,na?And,see how supple and healthy the whole family is-and,we spend time/money trying to get thin/fitter/fat..haha:)
Aesthete,you're right- standing and getting work done, is the only eway to ensure things get finished.

Chandana said...

Ha so true! Now that you mentioned it i realised.. there is a house getting constructed next door.. and its been going on and on and on for months now!

Thanks for your comment!

Arunima said...

haha, thank God, I have shifted to the new place. No observations any more.

austere said...

You're getting a house built? Where?
I thought your new apt was in Alkapuri?
badhai ho!

AmitL said...

Hi, Chandana-welcome..and, thanks for your comment..would be nice to see your views on the construction going on near your place that you've mentioned.:)
Arunima,hahaha...I just knew you'd say that.But-a pity @ the no more observations,I'd say...u do observe nicely.
---- referring to the same apartment..but,I observed the way the workers were 'on the job', so to speak..haha:)