Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Memory

Hi all...a bit late in the day but goes an update on how the birthday passed...

On 22.02, I was in Doha(not the Gujarati word that means 'old man') Qatar, for a meeting...the day flew by..(maybe a separate post on observations)..returned at 10 at night. Fell asleep, woke up at midnight..(yea..birthday time), courtesy an awesome leg muscle pull that didn't let me stand straight for the first 5 minutes....and then, slowly it became better.have had this prob long back, but it'd vanished..wonder what caused it? ah harm done.

Normal routine and then off to work..couldn't find time to breathe that busy day. Reached home in the evening and guess what? Fell asleep at 7...hahahahaha..well, that was a birthday that flew by,na?

R gave the right suggestion- have a blast over the weekend to make up.And I followed that advice.(separate post)

Next day, checked on Facebook-and,voila- 25 birthday greetings...I didn't really expect that 25 people would notice..thank you all, once again..that made my day.

The Giordano folks sent  an email offering a 20% off on all their range, only for me on my birthday-but then, when they have a sale, I get 40-50% off, so-didn't use it.

On to the fortunes:


(Don't ask-yeh kaun hai? It's just one of the nice aspects of a Lenovo laptop..hahaha)


  You love to make momey and you make a lot of it quite effortlessly as the new moon in your sign initiates a trend of gains. Money continues to flow into your coffers trough rents, leases, loans, promissory notes. A good bank balance makes you feel secure.

(My comment: aap ke munh mein ghee shakkar.. when that comes true, I'll retire and take it easy in good ole Baroda)
Local paper 1:

Because you're far more intuitive than most of the signs you may already be aware that you must break away from certain restrictived habits or commitments. Reflect on these but make no decisions until after early March's Pisces New Moon. This ends one cycle and marks the beginning of another.

From same paper:
If it's your birthday today:

The arrival of the planet of ego, Mars, in your sign on your birthday indicates that it's time to conduct a serious review of your priorities. Begin and you'll soon realize that what once was fine is becoming increasingly irritating. Only when this is done should you consider untertaking any changes.

(My comment...bang on, if it means what I'm sensing is beginning to happen, already)
Local paper 2:

Give it your all and soldier on. The armed forces have an amazing training program and philosophy that you can emulate. You can exercise and push yourself mentally to the links of endurance.

From same paper:
If it's your birthday today:

'successful in love, successful in money' seems to be the slogan for you during the next several weeks. This is a fabulous time to apply for a new job or make a career change, because people will see your talents and charms more clearly. Your sincerity and honest nature shines through, too, so a special someone might trust you enough to make a permanent commitment either now-or in July, when your heart is definitely, and obviously, in the right place. In October, Lady Luck smiles on just about everything you do or begin, so that is a very good time to put your most cherished plans into motion if you want a happy ending.

(My comment: A big smile :))
Well, overall, that's some things to look forward to, na, as always.

Just remembered: This year, the birthday was on a Wednesday, which is the same day that it was back in____ when I was born.(And, don't ask 'when was that?'..hahaha)


Crazy Diamond said...

good u had fun on the weekend then. arrey use the discount !!?!

shooting star said...

hmmm..surely its a birthday that flew many predictions!! husband recently bought a bejan daruwalla 2011 forecast for himself and was so happy reading it!!...until i told him its a general horoscope and not specific to you.....he said im such a fun spoiler!!

austere said...

The forecasts hold promise.
Interesting year ahead, huh?

Yes, I remembered that you'd remember.

Delhizen said...

belated happy b'day!