Monday, January 10, 2011

Hi all

Hi've you been? A hectic week's kept me away from my blogging, though I've tried to regularly visit my favourite blogs and see what people are upto.  Well, it's already 10th of, let me decide now--I'll post at least twice a week out here. Need not be mega posts...short albeit witty posts should also make their entry now.

So how have the first 10 days of the New Year been for you? I'd say 'so far, great, and am sure they'll continue to be great, too'- from having some great weather, to waking up with a smile daily, to ending the day and getting a great nite's sleep, it's been a nice 10 days...True to TS, my guide, all negative words are done away with as much as possible-I am avoiding mentioning them here, in fact..hahaha.

I was just thinking--I've become more regular on FB- maybe that's why blogging took a slight backseat for a while-but, it's not permanent- both have a charm of their own-FB gives timely, albeit short updates..blogs can be as long as one wants them to be..and, believe me, seeing the talented and genuine writing of my blog pals these last few months always amazes me..great going, all!!:)

Am off to Baroda on 19th...a different day-i.e. it's Wednesday, as against Thursday, which is the usual day I leave from here. Looking forward to a nice 3 weeks- 2 family weddings, 3 birthdays, India's Republic day--all occur in the span of these 3 weeks.

On another note, I completed 9 years in Dubai yesterday. Had come here first on 09th Jan, 2002. Time really flies, I was feeling...but, it's been great, as always, and continues to be great.:)

Well, next post coming up tomorrow. Just wanted to give a quick reassurance that I'm very much around.:)Cheerio and good night!


Arunima said...

and this another sleepless blogger doing the rounds to say, "hi, the last 10 days have been good." Enjoy your trip. will wait for updates. I may get more regular or suddenly hibernate.

Drama Personified (R) said...

Hey that's very cool! I'll be completeing 23 years in UAE on the 29th - thats my bday ;) Have an amazing year and enjoy your vacation! Tata!

~ Lopa said...

Hey Amit,

I have been hibernating, not been able to be much on Blogosphere lately.
Visited India last month, just back here this Sunday and now back to grind :)

Wish you a very Happy 2011.

No resolutions this side for new year:P