Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hi all again

Hi all again..as I said, I'm back (with or without a bang, u decide)...what a day...we had a kick-off meeting for a new project in Oman, I received @ 20 calls, 10 of them I left unanswered since they were obviously from laawaris numbers(Numbers I've never seen before). Had three visitors as well. 

Thank heavens for a great lunch..I took a sandwich, with lemon-mint juice. Now, this lemon-mint juice does taste tangy yet strong when taken without sugar, but, believe me, it really keeps one in full form till the end of the day. As such, my observation is- any food that doesn't tickle your taste buds, is good for you. Anything that even lightly tickles them , is not good for you in some way or the other.In Ach Rajneesh's words, from his magazine Osho Times, any food that gets you excited is not good for you.(So, all those who savour paani puris and samosas and alu wadas....think of this...:))

Among other news- New York had it's annual 'no pants day' in the subway...apparently, people get on the subway from 6 locations, and all are without pants, or, they take them off inside, not sure which...there was a video on youtube last year (2010)...in fact, I see loads of them..here's one. And, here's a April 1 prank with no innerwear also..hahaha. Why do they do it? To rid any inhibitions that exist? To do something out of the ordinary, away from the mundane everyday routine? And, what if they did something like this in the Delhi Metro someday?

Some more fun stuff- the use of the emergency number 999...one guy called it 52 times to complain @ traffic noise not letting him sleep....and, is going to be hauled up in court for misusing what is supposed to be a genuine emergency number.Other callers who call for silly reasons are people asking for directions, people reporting missing pets, people who's electricity's been cut off, All such people  are also being warned to stop abusing this number, otherwise they might well be in court one day. 


shooting star said...

hahha...now, i would like to have a no pants day here in delhi ..on delhi metro..how fun would it be...those rolly polly punjabi unclejis and auntyjis without pants(or salwars!!).....im just rolling over thinking abt it!!!!!

abhilasha said...

hey u an osho fan.... even i m...