Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baroda Diary: 2011..con't

We're now on the 27th day of's so heavenly...srtpping out of bed without any aches/pains/tiredness, thanking the Universe for another good night's sleep, smiling at one's face in the mirror, quick teeth brushing, cuppa tea,etc morning routine.

Off then to EME Temple. Greeting everyone with folded hands, meeting the three retired Uncles who have been coming there even before I began going there regularly. Saying prayers and morning chants. Knowing that the day is bound to go off better than the best of them.:)

Getting on two-wheeler, stopping for a quick cuppa golden chai at the larri, if it's too cold and a warm-up is needed to begin walking, going to Sayaji Park and walking 4-5 kms.

The rest of the day rushes along...lots of fun observations , that make one smile...there's also very less effort needed now to avoid all negatives, that end with n't(i.e. won't, can't, wouldn't, .....)...immediate replacement of these words with positives is a delight. Similar to replacing all(if any) annoyed thoughts with pleasant ones.:)

Cheerio, till the next post.

PS A movie review from me, in Filmfare latest issue. Will scan and put it up next time.

And, let me add this pic- inspiration for the day(Also up on my Inspirations Blog):

Nice, na? Cheerio!


Pesto Sauce said...

I have been to Baroda and loved the city....I like the buzzing streets after dark with all families out and enjoying

•Jeweliot• said...

sounds like a lovely day :)

ooh review in filmfare?? that's awesome ya~

shooting star said...

sounds like nice time spent!!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Life is how we see it, so its good to keep all negativity at bay.
BTW I like that opening pic. It says many things.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Arunima said...

lol! the first pic was the show stealer.

AmitL said...

Pesto,you're soo right- yes, it's good fun,being in Baroda, anytime..the buzzing streets in the evening are great..When did you visit here last?:)
Jeweliot,yes- a lovely are/should most of them be,for all of us.:)And,I'm reminded- I'll put up the Filmfare review today.
Sush,yes indeed.:)
B.Aesthete,yes,indeed-I'm glad you agree too-negativity does nothing good for anyone,and,only begets more negativity. I'd like to know what you'read' from the opening pic,please..haha.
Arunima-hahaha..:)Thank you.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

many things, one being...'Get yourself a cycle' :P

AmitL said...

ROFL-I didn't think of that one...maybe I will,'ll save on petrol, as an added bonus.:)