Thursday, December 30, 2010

What do you do?

Hi all. Where and how’ve you been, these last few days of 2010? (Puhlease- don’t use the ole nursery rhyme and say’ I’ve been to London to look at the Queen’).

I’ve had a hectic week, and we’re finally at it’s end. Last day today..and, the last working day of the year, as well. On Sunday, when we return to work, it’ll be a brand new year bringing goodwill and cheer.(Note: I’m not saying ‘I hope’…I know it’ll be good for everyone, specially us followers of The Secret):)

Returning to two posts back, I’d asked’What do you do?’ So, here’s what I do:

Currently (and in my prev. Co):

The job: I buy. I buy everything for MEP(Mechanical, Elect, Plumbing) services for our Co. From helmets to safety shoes to coveralls, from pipes to valves to air conditioning equipment, from drain pipes to WCs to washbasins to bidets to towel rails to rainshowers, from cables to switchgear, from swimming pools to Jacuzzis, from fire extinguishers to fire hose reels to water mist systems, from LPG systems to water tanks. Since my first job(India)was a detailed design and engineering job, I find purchasing all the more interesting, since it’s good to keep up with two disciplines and it’s a continued learning phase.

The people I meet: Besides the office people who range in nationalities from Australia, UK(including Ireland, Scotland),UK(United Kerala), rest of India, Jordan, UAE, Syria, Sri Lanka,Phillipines,..there’re also suppliers who come in from Japan, Egypt, Italy, Holland,Germany, Nepal, USA(USA is the minimal, since they work usually through local agents) and many other countries from around the world. Each one having a different accent, each one having his or her own mannerisms. (My favourites are, of course, the charming, bowing Japanese…everyone deserves respect, is what they seem to convey)

Suppliers: in the initial 2 years, I really thought that suppliers crawl out of the termites(Not a nice term, but, apt for a comparison). Before we get awarded a project, they know the ‘market gossip’ and call asking if the rumour is true. Now, after so many years, I’m convinced that they do crawl out of the woodwork and the aim is to pester, heckle, irk,trouble, vex, call at all odd day, when my cellphone incoming calls totaled 80(I counted) and calls continued till 830 PM, I decided

‘enough is enough’ and changed the number-and am a man at peace with the world nowadays since the past 4 months. If suppliers call to ask why my mobile is switched off, I tell them ‘Because I can either work or answer calls’. Similarly, they used to have this habit of suddenly dropping in at the office, without prior info(I don’t say ‘appointment’ since I’m no dentist)- finally, I began sending them back…told our reception’ please be courteous but, tell them to call and come next time, since I’m in a meeting presently’ – peace on this front as well, now- the one or two odd ones still pop in, but, I’m sure they’ll learn in 2011..:)

What I like @ the job: Something different to do, in each project. New products, for one. For e.g. did you know that there are hand dryers into which you put your hands and they dry(not the external air type,i.e.)..see the link for more info.
Or, did you know that they’ve come up with shit-pots(that's not a gaali)that have sensor based seats that go up when they sense a human(Or,even animals, surely?) coming, so that you don’t have to soil your fingers .They also have a warm water shower,dryer and air purifier. Then, there’s the toto poo-pot that analyzes your poo and your urine,weight,body fat, body temperature.  and this one :
How does a day usually end? Well, sometimes –dead tiring- just go home and flop into bed kind. Most of the time- with maybe 80% of the morning energy still remaining, which gets boosted by 1 hr + walks.

Overall, LG. (Life’s Good)….abundant, as it’s meant to be, as The Secret says.(Right, R?)

Now, I hereby tag thee: R, Poo, Arunima, Sush, Gomu, Purba,Austy, Cyn…would love to read more about the work you do. You can always maintain your privacy- don’t declare the place of work, etc..just-tell how your work day passes, and what makes it interesting. Cheerio.

PS I think I can put in one more post before the NY…

in case I can’t, here’s wishing everyone a thrilling, delightful, abundant, scintillating 2011. And,many more to come. TC .

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