Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What do you do?

 Thought for the day: You're as lucky as you feel you are...(No one coined that, I did)

                                                                   (Guess what this job is?)

What do you do? No, it's not an error. I was not typing 'How do you do?' and wrote 'What' by mistake. I'm really asking what you do. Do you find yourself looking down at some people's jobs? Like, the street sweeper, the waiter, the office receptionist, you feel you're superior to them and deride them if you can?

Well, I observe this so many times. People feel that they've been blessed, and, this blessing enables them to make fun of those who're where they are, for no fault of theirs. Isn't that totally wrong? I mean, you think someone's a sweeper because he likes it? Or, someone's a peon ringing a school bell because he likes it? No way- they'd have loved to be graduates, they'd have loved to be a step or two or threeor much higher than their current calling. So shouldn't we avoid making them more miserable? Just giving them a smile or saying a 'thank you'(remember 'Jaadoo ki jhappi' from Munnabhai MBBS? Maybe that's a bit difficult for us in real life, though it shouldn't be, but, we're scared about 'log kya kahenge' and'uska reaction kharaab hua to'?) to them for a job well done, should be your good deed for the day. And, if the waiter gave you good service, was smiling when he brought you your food, say thank you by way of a tip. The guy earns much less than you, and a small tip will surely help him somewhere, somehow.

All said and done, everyone's job is important to the person who's doing it, if he/she looks at it with pride. And, let's acknowledge that and make them feel happier about it. 

So, I want to know- What do you do? What's your job(even if you're studying, tell me @ it) like?  What do you like @ it? And, would you rather be somewhere else? Are you doing something to be at that 'somewhere else'? I'd love to read about your line of work- All of you who read this please consider yourself tagged, and tell me @ it. (If you want to do it as a 'guest post' here, you're welcome..just leave a comment/ your email id and I'll revert back to you)

I'll tell you @ my current and past jobs in the next post.:)


Arunima said...

hey, i can see the latest post and I think, I have seen this earlier. At least, the pictures.

I don't look down. Maybe because I started as a Business Development Executive in a small company. I did know that I deserve much better and achieved it in 6 months.

Arunima said...

to add to it, when i left me and another colleague were the best performing executives earning the highest incentives. May post about it someday.

Purba said...

I don't look down upon jobs, never have but look down upon people who are inept and spend more energy shirking what they are paid to do.

Shreya said...

Amit, hi!! Its Shreya... (if you remember me that is haha)... got your blog updates from my yahoo mail homepage and ended up coming to your blog twice in 2 days. Its good to see that you've been blogging so regularly and as always, love reading the thought provoking, kind and funny posts.