Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Giga Days

Thought for the day: Imagination is everything-it is the preview of life's coming attractions
I know I promised a post on ‘What do I do’ this time, but, need time to sit and write the two main fields I’ve worked in, in the past two decades. Meantime, people who read the post and commented-Arunima, Shreya, Purba/those did not comment(haha), please treat this as a tag and tell me/us what you do. I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

So, here’s an interim post till I pen that one. Enjoy!

Have you noticed? From being mega, everything these days seems to be giga-gigga these days. Be it hard discs, RAMS , scams, or anything. Where scams are concerned, of course, one gigga= 1 crore…hence, no scam can be less than a few giggas, be it the telecom one or cow’s fodder or the CW games. Somehow, giga always reminds me of giggles- the kind people (usually the ladies?)contort their face into when they’re laughing- as we read so often in Enid Blyton’s books…and, the word giggles always brings a kind of smile to our face, imagining how the giggler(is there such a word) looks like and how pleasant it would be to be in the constant company of gigglers, rather than mopers.

Last week, I went to an electronics shop- wanted to buy 2-3 small capacity MP3 players, so that(systematic person that I try to be) I could put different song selections for different moods in them- for e.g. fast and racy, soft and nice, Beatles, Hits of the ‘80s…so, even 250 MB would have been enough. (For heavens sake, I can’t keep more than 50-80 songs in a player, can I? )And, even that’s a bit too much, since I always prefer to do a selection, by forwarding/reversing the playlist.

Anyway, so, this guy says ‘Sorry, Sir, the smallest player we have is 2 giga- take that-you can accommodate 500 songs.(Going by logic, 1 song(Hindi, for e.g.) is usually 4 MB. So, 2000 MB(appx=2 GB)/4=500 songs). I looked at him like he was nuts, and said’ No, thanks’…I like my playlists short and sweet. And, don’t want to pay for 2 gigas when less than a giga will do. Guess what I have to do is have folders in the laptop, and cut-copy-paste each time from the laptop to the existing player and back, depending on the mood. Till someone decides to have a ‘year end/stock clearance sale’ on MP3 players. And, there’s just 11 days left for the year to end. 

Have you also noticed- the higher the GB, the less is the rate per GB? I wonder what they do-squeeze in more of the whatever-they-squeeze-in(Anybody knows how a GigaByte looks like?), into the same ‘module’, to accommodate more and more bytes, nee, gigas? Amazing. The rate per Giga, of a terra USB, is even less.

(For those interested but wanting some gyaan: 1 Terrabyte= 1024 Giga . 1 Gigabyte=1024 Megabytes. And hence 1 Terra=1024*1024(use a calculator..haha) Megas)

Of course, terra reminds me of ‘Tedha’(crooked), but that’s another story altogether.

Joke of the day:
Q: Why was the blonde upset when she got her Driver's License?

A: Because she got an F in 'sex'
Till next time, keep smiling.


Drama Personified said...

I have one eternal hard drive in which I got all movies and it's 1TB. Else my MP3 player is only 2GB :p

By the way, you not go for iTouch, that has more memory, and you can create different playlists for the different kinda songs you need. Just saying.

I'd go crazy with so many MP3s. lol. Hoy, do let me know when the sale starts!

AmitL said...

Drama P- the 1 TB hard disc-I took it to India last time, and yes, I do transfer all movies into it, as well...:)
Good idea @ itouch-let me check that out this weekend-two doubts @ that:
-the size- my current player is a clip-on type- 1 GB-Ikon make, been serving me happily since 2 yrs now-touchwood.But they discontinued the model.:)..during walks I hate to carry anything-cell/player, etc.
-Does itouch accept any songs, or only from itunes?I mean,the mp3 songs we find in India, on pirated CDs as well-are they accepted?
What do you think?:)

Anonymous said...

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