Saturday, November 27, 2010


When time flies by, ideas refuse to flow..

Next post coming up very back to pavilion, as they say, i.e. back to Dxb - nearly one week now.:)


BTW, here's some forecasts:

Week's forecast from IE(last Sun):
Shyness can be your greatest hang-up, though you are also the friendliest person in the world. It may help to know that you can do something about it and be more outgoing.

(My remark: hehehe)
From another forecast:(TOI):

-Life will soon be less confusing and hassle-free.
-Anger sometimes makes you want to sweep everything away. Keep your cool. An amazing career opportunity is coming up for you and you will want to look your best.
-Put on your best face, no matter how you're feeling, and you will be amazed at the results.

(Now, these, I believe....but naturally)

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Arunima said...

i will try to put my best face. :-)

Hey, my letter to Femina was an award winning one. Thanks to you, this was my first shot at LTTE (letters to the editor as you call it) :-)