Tuesday, October 26, 2010


How do you say 'Yes' ? I'm curious. Do you say 'yes' and then swing your head from left to right to left? I first came to know @ this character trait some years back, when I first came here. The Boss at the first Co was talking to me, and I'd say 'Yes', and swing my head from left to right. One day he asked me' Are you agreeing with me or disagreeing?What is'Yes' and then a shake of the head?'

That day, I went home and did a mock check in front of the mirror, and it turns out he was right- so I consciously changed the habit and now I nod my head when agreeing. And, me being me, I began observing people to see how they agree-  believe it or not, a majority of Indians(specially) have this habit. Makes me grin now to think about it. So, you tell me- do you agree in harmony with voice and body?
There's also this trait people have- of 'describing', so, someone giving directions to someone on the phone makes his hand go left-right-turn-straight....until the directions are finished.
Yesterday was fun- a diner at a restaurant- cupping his hand and twisting it two-three times- guess what he was ordering? A potato-wada...ROFL.I couldn't help smiling-such small incidents, but, they take away the stress of a working day, don't they? Try it today- observe humans at your workplace/while on the road/in the trains/walking...and, you'll have a happy time...And, of course, tell me @ it in the evening.:)

Cheerio, till the next post


yamini meduri said...

hello Amit..how are you???

my agreement is in sync wid the body n voice..so no need of a change..!!!

nice post to start the day with a smile..!!

abhilasha said...

yeah it does happen... specially in my case..i do make a lot of hand movements... and at times my frds literally hold my hands and den they ask me to talk.. n i go just on the silent mode... n i literally cant speak a wrd...
and on that 'yes' thg.. i surely do the same.. yes yes yes... absolutely.. wid shaking my head as if i m disagreeing...strange ways know...

~ Lopa said...

Ohh i thought he was asking for a hot water bowl with lemon to clean the hands ;) hehe

I have noticed someone making that remark about yes and disagreeing laughing on someone that are you saying yes or not while making fun in between friends but haven't been paying much noticing there but now as you put that in my head i will. And i just checked myself, no i don't do that, i say yes and nod :)

And agree with point two, people do that all the time ! :)

shooting star said...

agree, we indians tend to do that, me also had that habit, but have changed it!!

R said...

I used to poke fun at Malbaris cuz they have this habit of knocking their heads around when talking until my coworkers started poking fun at me! They call it the Indian habit! I'm yet to observe myself though but I'm sure its very amusing :p