Friday, October 15, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Thought for the day: A lie goes halfway around the world before the truth gets a chance to get it's pants on...Sir Winston Churchill
Do you remember these favourites from childhood days? I got these via email and just had to share them here...which was your favourite? Add any more that you recall.:) I've added my comment below each one.:)

 Ask me!!I just discarded oodles of cassettes last time(gave them away, I mean) I was in Baroda- coz the cassette player just refuses to function...umar ho gayi hai.

Same goes for the video cassettes!Now, the photography shop guys convert them to CD/DVD for a nominal, family memories get converted. The movies? Are available on CD/DVD for nominal prices like Rs. 45 for three movies in one.So who has space for video cassettes?
I still have this one, though, next visit will be retirement time for it, too, since the cassettes are gone.

The shame, the consternation-taking drawings to meetings with consultants in Delhi/Mumbai and finding that they did not work? Now, a less-than-finger sized USB would be enough.

Cameras and their rolls....each photo clicked after a lot of thought, to ensure no money was wasted when getting a 36 photo roll developed.:)

For the Wingsung/Pamis(That was  a local brand in Baroda, I think) pens- remember that teeny plastic pipette kind of thing we used, to pull the ink from the bottle and fill in the Pamis pens? (The wingsungs could be filled directly)

Zyada glue on the penpal's letter? Well, u have to just wipe it off...and, if u're at the postoffice, u'd have to use the 'lai'(No idea what it's called in English) they'd keep in a decades old worn out katori.

Wing Sung Pens- anyone who had them was  deemed to be rich!!:) I see these pens here in Dxb, at stores...anyone still using them?

Well, this one's not old hat yet, I'd say...the newest from this lot.

I can't tell you how lucky I would consider myself, when we were able to afford that compass box, an original 'Nataraj'...:) That's the real fun of longing for something and having to save up to buy it.

Oh God...I wonder where all these phones went, in Y2k? I remember them being in use till the '90s...I don't think they were biogradable.

For the 20-yr olds reading this - this one's called a stamp- you stick it on a letter/envelope, and then post it at a post office...arghh!!I guess all these words are alien.Go back to your emails.:)

Same comment as the stamp...honestly, now- how many of you have not seen an inland yet?

And, if not an inland, have you seen a postcard? It used to be my prime source, for sending LTTEs. (Letters To The Editor) before the days of emails came in and began saving me a tidy bundle.

I'm not sure, but, these are Bata sneakers? I think they're still available, but, haven't seen any youngsters wearing them...well, Reeboks/Adidas/Nike rule the roost, na?

I used to go to school in one of these, for some months- back in 1st or 2nd standard...three to five of us kiddos crammed into it...the cyclo-driver would pant by the time we reached the school- and, used to speak gaalis, too- one day, innocent me learnt one and repeated it at home thinking it was  a grand word- and,next day, the cycle rickshaw guy was told that I'd be going to school by some other mode of transport.:)

Gold Spot- the Zing Thing, as the ad went....a much cherished drink...and, a much-liked ad when seen in movie halls, where it'd play regularly, with the Liril ads...(In fact, I couldn't find the Liril ad....let me see... ahhh here it is..:)

The ad had no wordings till the end- Laa Lalalala La la la laaa......was the signature tune...and, that was probably the prettiest sight in a green bikini that we'd see in those days in a movie hall. Made the movie 'paisa vasool', even if the movie was a bad one...*winks*...don't look sooo astonished--- those were teen days, remember? And, no internet.:)

More than the gum, it was the pics and details of cricketers and the sort, that were much coveted.
Joke for the day:
A Sardar had called an Englishman for lunch. There was curd on the table.
 The guest asked "what is this?"
The Sardar didn't know English, he said "Milk sleeping in night, morning becomes tight"
Cheerio, till next time.:)


austere said...

Weren't those chinese ink pens?
Bata sneakers are very much available.
Also I remember reading about the new and improved version of cycle rick which has even reached NYC.
Camlin compass. Natraj pencils. Also camlin pencils with that pretty flower design.
I have a functional walkman at home, btw. touchwood.

abhilasha said...

i have seen them all... used them too.. nataraj.. chinese pens and all that.. and the most non reliable floppy...
how thgs change know..
from nataraj to staedtler
from walkman to i touch
from chinese pens to mont blanc
from cassetes to cds that too blu ray discs.
from big fun to so many others
from gold spot to red bull
from those PT shoes to Alcott sneakers..
hmmm....chasing wud never end..

Kunjal said...

yes yes I travelled back in the memory lane with you:)

shooting star said...

a lovely walk down the memory lane.....though i still use reynolds blue pen & nataraj pencil!!
the first model in the first original lyril ad, she was an air hostess who was roped in when none of the "models" were willing to do this ad!!!...
she now runs her own ad agency thanks to all the publicity she got!!.....

Deepak Jeswal said...

That was a nice memory walk :) Days of Chitrahar and Rasna / Ju-C and Rooh Afza.

Days of Target magazine.
Days of Indrajal and Archies comics.
Days of putting 'khus' khushboo in coolers.
Days of Hum Log
Days of Lalitaji and Vicco Vajradanti advts

I still have my audio cassettes. Though the player is not really there. Too precious to really give them off.

Anonymous said...

Nice reminiscences! Bought a Philips 5in1 just because it had a cassette player and I can carry on with my cassette collection!