Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Memories Continued

Prediction for the day:

It would be no surprise if you were alaready experiencing the powerful insights promised by next week's potent aspects to your ruler, Neptune. Exciting as what you're sensing may be, you've only a glimpse of what's coming. Focus on how these insights are altering your perspective, not just reorganising changes.
Amazing, as always!:)
Continuing from where I left off last time:

My last day at what had been my haven-ly place of work for 13.5 years, was 31.12.01. (Incidentally, the middle of the year and the end of the year seem to be my lucky days...I'd joined on there 15.06.88)

After the customary farewell party, and a few dialogues from colleagues who said they'd miss me(They said it with a smile, so I wonder-and, why do they distribute icecreams/samosas/et al at such times anyway? hahaha) and a read-from-a-chit speech from me, all about how I had no words to express myself since I was leaving a second home, blah blah, I went home, feeling relaxed. My ticket to Dxb was for 09th Jan'01, so I had eight days to just take it easy.

Well, everyone had some advice to give, since I was going long-term for the first time from Baroda and that too, alone. So, there were packets of namkeens/biscuits/achaar/khakhra, etc etc packed in. Little did we know at that time that Dxb has all the Haldirams, Bikajis, Maniars available, at a very nominal extra price(when you convert Dhs to IRS) which is far better than paying excess baggage.
...to be continued

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