Thursday, October 21, 2010

Foggy Days

Now I know what people who see 'saayas'(Ghosts) coming out of the fog feel like..and, in fact, seeing me in my white T-shirt(luckily, the track pant was black, but in those wee hours of the morning, I'm sure only the Tee was visible- so, a legless saaya), that's what some people might have thought too, if they do an overdose of Holly-Bolly movies. You know- those ghosts with candles or a little something in their hands, coming out from behind the trees, just as the hero/heroine/victim is passing the 'zone'. But no such thing happened, of course.

It was quite enjoyable, frankly- cold, clammy, but, enjoyable. Probably because it was a stratus cloud(if I remember my geography correctly), nee, clouds...Stratus clouds literally floating past at ground level, the neon street lights identifying them easily, giving one a sensation of being on the proverbial Cloud 9. Nice start to the last day of the working week here, of course. 

 Vehicles were moving relatively slowly, I was crossing the streets relatively fast(to avoid any speeding maniacs who wouldn't be seen in the fog). The ever-vigilant police vehicle was also moving slowly, watching out for any potential accidents, as also to stop speeding drivers.Thank heavens for this traffic vigil.

I did have a cuppa-nee, plastic glassa tea...Getting a bit fed up of condensed milk tea, frankly. But, being from my tea-worthy state of Gujarat, when I need tea, I need tea and nothing else will do.:)

Speaking of Gujarat, the ads are lovely- Big B speaking about Somnath, Gir Forests, etc- I've begun to look forward to commercial breaks for the first time(even though I mute out all the other ads, including the Big B cell phone ad..arghh) making a list of places to visit, as soon as I'm back permanently in good ole Baroda. Since I won't take up this(Contracting) line there(22 years is long enough, na?), I'm sure I'll have enough free time..Three cheers for our new brand ambassador:)
Joke for the day:

An idiot is sitting reading the newspaper, and sees the headline 'Twelve Brazilian monkeys escape from the zoo'.
He arches his eyebrows, shakes his head and turns to his friend"Say, buddy" he asks "how many is a Brazilian?"
Till next time, TC and keep smiling. :)


austere said...

Three cheers for sirji... but hop over to Mid day and see what anger is directed at him and Gujarat.

Fantastic ads.

22 years is more than enough. imho.

shooting star said...

yeah, the Gujarat ads are fantastic!!!

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