Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tag: School Days

Time for a fun tag, now. Many thanks to Ms. R for tagging me. The questions and her answers brought back so many similar memories of what is probably one's best period of childhood, but, we don't realize it then.:)

What was your favorite back to school item to buy?

Brown paper rolls, to give that smooth,silky feel to the notebook and books as covers, sticker labels with my favourite cartoon characters(Laurel&Hardy,Richie Rich,et al) for these books, English Textbooks(Shocking, huh?Books are the last things someone would look forward to)

What was your favorite subject in school?

English. If I’d not gone where everyone else was going(Engineering/Medical), I’d have done BA in English, journalism

Did you ride the bus or get a ride from Mom/Carpool?

From horse and carrot,er, cart(buggy), or, the ghoda-gaadi/tonga as they used to call it, to cyclerickshaw, to a city bus with a teacher, to bicycle drop-off by Dad, to my own bicycle( an olive green Hero something) in the final frontier, Stx XIIth ( and, it was a luxury to be able to afford it then-meant a sacrifice for Dad, I’m sure-sigh!), it’s been a pleasant journey.

Do you have a sack lunch or cafeteria food?

Started with school breakfast(morning school, you see-ahem) in Std I, went on to small tiffin in next few classes(with the usual murmura/churmura) to nothing at all(I hated carrying a lunch box), except the occasional school cafeteria food.

What is your favorite memory from your school days?

-Too many to recount. Prime amongst them:

-The wonderful company of classmates(many of whom still remain in touch, unlike college friends), competing with them, yet, helping each other study by exchanging notes, views, opinions, listening to the funny comments(yes, I was an avid listener, even than, rather than a talker)made by the ‘growing up guys’, on their favourite topic- what else but, girls, of course. ROFL- their dress, their style, height, weight,errr…you know what I mean. (That deserves a separate post, of course, but naturally.*grins*)..I used to grin behind my moustache(yep, had one'd faint if I put up that pic)

-Being the topper in Class X, and coming IInd in Gujarat in Higher English as a subject. The Principal had sent me a letter(Still preserved nicely) telling me that the school would honour(ahem) me on Independence Day, with a prize, etc. The SSC Board also gave me a cash prize.(ahem again)

-Topping in 7th Std in Gujarati, and the Gujarati Sir, Mr. Patel being just as astonished as I was.ROFL.

-Being elected Class Monitor for 9 out of the 12 years at school. (Didn’t participate in the rest- haha).
There-fun, wasn't it? So let's hear it from you folks:

I tag the following five+ friends:


Add/edition done: 24.09:
Sush(how could I've forgotten a good tag doer like you?)

+ all who read this and would like to share their memorable school moments.
Cheerio, till next time, and keep smiling.:)


austere said...

Loved the joy in this post.
Weight, eh? :)

R said...

Brown paper rolls! How could I've missed that one?!!!

And my god! Topping Gujju. I almost died reading that! Hahaahahah

abhilasha said...

we r so alike.. being piscean n all that....
even i got into engineering .. wen i never wanted to.. i always wanted to do journalism... i got thru St. stephens english honours thg... but opted out... i still ask myself.. why??/

Ricercar said...

how cute! :-)

shooting star said...

ooh!!! i would have loved to do this tag, if u had tagged me!!!
but u havent :((

school days are truely best days!!!
even today, my close and intimate friends are my school friends!!!

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