Monday, September 13, 2010

Funny Names

Quote for the day: Nature gave us two ends: one to sit on and one to think with.
 Ever since then, man's success or failure has been dependent on the one he used most…..Robert Albert Bloch

Been a week already since I landed on these shores…doesn’t seem like it, but then- time does fly, out here.

Let me recount some of the funnier moments of the past few days. How @ these two items from a restaurant menu:

Pappa Mango

Nutty Lessi

I know you’ll guess the second one. But, how @ the first one?
Talking of unusual names, I found these to be quite fit for their purpose:

Chai pani: New shop in Baroda. No prizes for guessing what they serve- but, I couldn’t check them out. You know, this is one of the commonest phrases I’ve heard in Baroda, so it was high time someone came up with a brainwave of titling their shop thusly.

Munna Munni: Kiddy clothes shop, again in Baroda.

Golden Scissors: Barber shop out here.

Cold Cuts : I first thought it was a non-veggie stockiest shop but it was a barber shop.

How @ you? Any unusual names you’ve come across and would like to share?
Coming up next: School Tag.


austere said...

papaya + mango?

R said...

Time does fly here!

The quote uis aweomse and the names - well people come up with some really unusual ones lol

Hey lookin forward to your tag!

Purba said...

ROFL @ cold cuts...couldn't get more bizarre.

abhilasha said...

we have GIANI's an ice cream joint...
thr u have two varieties of ice cream.. the most expensive ones..
1.kuchh bhi..
2.kuchh nahi..

generally wen u ask ppl "kya loge??"
den they go like know "kuchh bhi ya kuchh nahi"

so they have en cashed on dis also..