Wednesday, September 22, 2010

As You Know...

As you know, I don't post when I'm not in a good mood- and boy, this has been one bad mood week-mainly work related. With the weekend coming up after just one more day, that's something to look forward to. Till then, read my article on DXing- from the '90s...was published in Upbeat mag- one of my favourites, but no longer on the stands-here's hoping they revive it.:)
Wish me luck- that nothing makes me feel irked tomorrow...maybe I'll take a 'precautionary' combiflam in the morning...just in case...hahahahahahahahahahaha...and, of course, read 'The Secret'. And watch it,too..And, continue reading The Power(Second part of The Secret)..have read just 4 pages so far.


abhilasha said...

ardent fan of "the secret"...
thoughts r like thgs.. u keep throwing good thoughts..n let ppl call it miracle

R said...

All the best! Surely The Secret will put your mind at ease :D

Anonymous said...

I am in apna Baroda for company work for a day.
Navratri hoardings have been put up.

Best again.


shooting star said...

have fun filled weekend, me had mad rush week...dint know when i flew by...not only at office but also at home front....too too much work both at home n work!!

AmitL said...

Hi,Abhilasha-same here-I'm an ardent believer of The Secret,too.:)Did you read the next book'The Power',yet?
Ms. R,indeed it does.:)
Austy,oh wow..lucky you!!:)More on the visit,pls.
Sush,that's pretty taxing,I'm sure- take a break-unwind during the weekend,or,take a day's C/L and relax.:)