Thursday, September 30, 2010

As You Know-part II

As you know, sometimes time really flies, and this has been one of those weeks. I cannot believe that we're at Thursday already, the last working day of the week(out here) seems like it was Thursday only yesterday. So how did a typical day pass this last week?

0445 AM: Wake up via mental alarm and switch off the real alarm before it goes beep beep.

0500 AM: Have a cuppa tea, and watch Comedy Circus for 1/2 hr on News 24. Or, if it's Comedy ka daily dose, see if it's interesting. If not, switch to the DV  of Seinfeld/Everybody Loves Raymond.(Nothing like a laugh or a chuckle to begin the day, is there?)

0530: Go for walk. 45 mins to 1 hr.

0630: Return from walk, take a shower, etc. Say prayers in the tiny prayer zone I've created on the table.

0700: Breakfast time. Go down. Yesterday was a bit of  a change. The board said"Breakfast at Chandni'"...I was wondering why they'd serve breakfast at a bar with dancing gals and all, but it turns out the regular restaurant, Utsav, had undergone pest control. So, that was a bit of change from the daily routine. (Me being a non-drinker,non-bar-frequenter, had never been to this part of the hotel. Of course, it was just the regular breakfast...with the salads and muesli and cold milk and the Wednesday special item- appam,etc.

0725: Walk to the stop(5 mins walk) for our Co bus.

0735: Bus zooms in.

0750: Reach office. Switch on PC. 

0800-0530: The day zooms by-we have projects in Qatar, Al Ain, Dxb..and, shifting priorities between these makes the time zip by. In between, a quick lunch at the Oasis Centre next door. They have a food court, and my favourite, of course, is Bombay Chowpatty.Watch humanity trying to rush through lunch while I enjoy it slowly and steadily. Then, back to work.

0530: Pack up and leave. Bus takes 15-20 minutes to reach our area.

0600: Have a light snack on the walk home, if hungry(like I was, yesterday).Like, tidli(Idli-sambhar and tea)-that gives the energy for what's to follow. What's to follow, once I reach the room,  freshen up, thank God for another day that went by smoothly, and get ready, is:

0645: The evening walk. That lasts for @ 1.5-2 hours. And, I'm back by @ 830-9. That leaves half an hour to have a salad, if hungry, watch an episode of Seinfeld/ELR/Mind Your Language. And, read a bit if not sleepy. 

0930-10: Off to Zzzzz land. Till 445 AM the next day.
I did notice something funny during my walks. There's this store window on the main road. Suddenly, some months back, it had a mannequin in a biki*i, and I was amazed, coz usually such 'people' are frowned upon if displayed in show windows on the main road. A few days later, the mannequin was down on it's tummy, literally-it's arms and legs were removed, to make it non-lifelike.And, the bik*ni was now an Ed Hardy one, still daring.:) And, after a few more days, the bikini's gone- replaced by a sleeveless Tee.
Ah well, off for my walk, all take care. And, watch this space. I'll probably post verrrrry soon, it being a 2 day holiday now.:)


shooting star said...

my week would have also rushed past, had i not taken ill!!!
god made me take a break....
dont worry amitL, its just a bout of chest congestion for me ( i have allergic rhinitis which is a life long thing like tonsillitis, have to live with it you see and i choose to live with it happily!!) , forcing me to take the day off today!!

actually theres been too much of work lately and coupled with my fitness routine, house work& socialising, life was passing me by without me even knowing it, i mean there was no time to ponder...not even when i was having me time swimming(btw today is the last day of my swimming, the pool closes for the season from i have to choose a new sport and my options are badminton, tennis and squash, what will you suggest??)

i think god wanted me to have break and gave me this to relax!!...

austere said...

What about dinner??
Tidli sounds tasty but not filling enough post the exercise.

And what's ED?
Have a fun weekend...

AmitL said...

Hi,Sush..hey,you're so right-when it's time to take a break and you still continue with your hectic routines,God or one's body makes one take a break..I'm sure it was pretty relaxing.:)And,hey,allergic rhinitis?That's pretty taxing, I know. In fact, I had this severe allergy to anything-dust,pollen,etc-finally,one homeopath's routine worked,and I'm much better now..u have the same probs?
Austy-hahaha..million dollar question-sometimes,dinner is salted fresh lime juice,sometimes it's the light evening snack that pulls me through the 12 hrs.:)And,if the tummy doesn't agree,it wakes me at 3 take something..:)

Arunima said...

man, you wake up really early.