Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hi all

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Am just watching the live telecast on the National Network, and our hon'ble PM is giving his speech. Purba's done a nice post on things which are a necessary part of our lives, even after 63 years of freedom.
Out here, it's the Holy month of Ramadan. For those not in the know, what happens during this month is:
-No eating/drinking(water/juices....The bad drinks are banned throughout the year) on the streets or, you face a fine/jail for the month.

-Restaurants upturn their chairs onto the tables during the day, to show that they're not soliciting(is that the right word?) during the day, right upto Iftar(breaking of the fast) time...quite a depressing sight, that one...but, methinks they also do it so that the floors can be scrubbed clean easily.

-People stand outside restaurants /wait on the waiting chairs of restaurants, 15-30 minutes prior to them opening for business in the evening(Haha-I know, coz I did that yesterday)...of course, it doesn't mean that they  have been fasting, many are just longing for restaurant food, and troop in with babies, et al-making me go 'arghh!'...I always like peace and quiet when having a meal and all these discussions of'tum kya loge','baby ke liye kya mangaana hai' blahhh!!The restaurants should give a free menu for people to select at home and then come, na? Or, they should have a 'peaceful section', sound-proofed if possible.:)

-Offices are supposed to let their inmates free 2 hours earlier than normal working hours. Some just declare it since it's the law, but make people stay on much more.(No, not our office- we're home by 4 nowadays, instead of 6).

-Reaching home at 4 means, you can have a nice nap for an hour, before getting up refreshed and ready for the balance part of the day(For me, that means, walk-walk,read-read,-watch a comedy serial or two or three...:)) Sometimes I wish it was like this throughout the year...wishful thinking, I know.

-Looking forward to the day when things return to 'usual'-this time, there'll be no holidays, most probably-since Eid would be on Fri-Sat, which are already off.

-Before that, of course, I'm looking forward to my 16 day Baroda trip this weekend..:)
Oh-and yes- they shifted me to another room in the hotel, yesterday-apparently, business is slack in this period, so they're  keeping one wing closed(I think I was the only one there...haha), now, I've been in rooms 118,228,223,.....(I forgot one room no)...and now yet another number(don't want to reveal it- who knows what supplier might read this blog and turn up to say 'Hello, Saar-what can we do for you? We wanting to do buziness with your Co'..more on this nuisance(of suppliers) coming up soon. Back to the room-this one faces the street, so, it's a great time pass...watching humanity(Can't call it 'sea', coz it's not really a sea these days) pass by...:)
Cheerio, till the next post...hope to post tomorrow.:)


abhilasha said...
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abhilasha said...

just for the sake of curiosity... why do u stay at a hotel??? and dont u find it bugging???

~ Lopa said...

One of my friend is in Oman right now for work for a few months and he was complaining same thing, no eating/ drinking out ! It feels like curfew in day time as all the restaurants are closed, but same way wouldn't it be opposite in the evenings?

AmitL said...

Hi, Abhilasha,that question deserves a post in itself..coming up soon.:)One reason-would you believe, staying at a hotel is cheaper, overall, than staying in a rented flat, out here?:)
Lopa, So true- in fact, they're stricter in other places. Dubai-at least, the grocery stores are open, so one can buy and take food home/to work. (Though I don't- my lunch these days is either soup or a gluco biscuit(that's equivalent to two rotis, incidentally..if I remember what my dietician told me back in y2k)..:)

abhilasha said...

AmitL@- alrite... got it..but i want a post on this...

austere said...

That doesnt sound like a terribly balanced diet, boss...

austere said...

"inmates free"? jail hai kya?