Friday, August 06, 2010

Good Fun

Hi, all!Let's see now-a lot of things kept me smiling this week...or, musing, rather.:) To begin:

Firstly, I always used to rue not having a notepad and pen with me, when I see/saw interesting(read'humorous') articles. Last week, I realized 'mobile hai na'- now, I still use the mobile only as a phone, i.e. incoming calls/outgoing calls/messages. I've no idea @ what my ringtone is, since I always keep it on silent, ever since workload went up manifold....and, that's anything from more than a year. 

I realized it has another good purpose- saving ads like the below one in the draft messages folder, rather than trying to remember them till I'm ready to post(In any case, tell me, would you be able to recall such ads word for word??hahaha)

How's this:
Ad on a box in a Japanese store here: "There is tendency that because body wastes leeches if attach tree vinegar sheet to a person who suffer by squeak of person disease that health becomes weak taking long term medicine being hospitalized of disease,body gets light.sheet wets and turns over long"..Any guesses what the product is?
And, another ad for another product in the same store:
Because the worry of the fall is not needed, the one not good at the balance ball senior citizen can safely enjoy the exercise.
Any guess about this product as well?:)
Then, there's this news article about a tourist in a mall here- she was wearing 'skimpy clothes'(No, I was not in that mall to verify...just read the article..LOL)...and, when a local/locals criticized her for wearing them, she stripped down to a bik*ni she had on underneath and waked through the mall. She was detained by the mall security and then briefly(no pun) questioned by the police, but was let off. Want to read more @ it? Here.

What a pity- I'm never around when such exciting events occur..hehe!:)

On one side, I do feel that expats, residents or otherwise, should respect the customs and traditions of the country they're in. Then, on the other hand, Dxb's a tourist hotspot, isn't it? And, people on vacations do tend to be in a holiday mood.. ah well! That's life-something new everyday.
I remember, another time, we were at Dragon Mall, and an expat wanted to return a defective cellphone at a shop. The shop keeper said 'No-no guarantee', and the guy, in anger, banged the phone on the floor-it didn't break...he tried five times, it still didn't break. And, his agitated wife, seeing everyone including us staring, convinced him to pick up the intact phone and leave the store. 

What makes people display such anger at public places? Is it because they had a bad day at work, and had to let off steam at someone? If so, why at a poor shopkeeper who's doing his job? And, what 2 people who order waiters around like they're slaves? Personally, I always give them a smile, and, since I'm a regular at good restaurants, I always get service with a smile.:)
Another article in Midday- not funny, but, reading it, I wonder how it's possible- 
A man was crushed by the Kanyakumari Express at Dadar..they found the hand at Sion station, body Matunga station and head at Dadar station. No foul play is suspected. 

Does this mean his body parts were carried by the train from one station to another and no-one noticed?
Tomorrow's target- watch The Secret, with full concentration...been a month since  I took inspiration.
Sort books/mags. Discard ole ones.
Plan baggage for Baroda trip..:)
Walk, walk,walk!Enjoy music.:) Feel in absolutely tip-top shape these days(touchwood)...maybe I'll put up a 'before' and 'after' snap one of these days, when I'm satisfied with the weight loss.:)

Cheerio, till next time. I might post again, tomorrow, in a bid to pick up on my posts-per-month.(Thanks, Poo, for the inspiration, with your 'one-post-a-day' decision..:))


~ Lopa said...

Your wife will be surprised on your this Baroda trip with all the difference of before and after ;)

SO it think so Japanese restaurants use Google translate english :P
I don't know what those products can be, second one may be exercising cycle? don't know ... hehe

Rain Girl said...

what product? cannot guess :P n m scared to guess anyway :P

keep posting :)

"What makes people display such anger at public places?"

hmm.. its not justified. but one reason I can think of : sometimes you feel the shopkeeper is trying to rip you off. hence the anger.


Ms.R. said...

I read abt that Dxb mall incident today itself. Crazy eh? And its a good list you got there. Even I haven't watched The Secret fully. Jahan tak dekha bohot concentration se dekha. :P

shooting star said...

a mixed bag of musings and i always like to read them..dressed down to a i really really want to see such stuff when it happens!!!....

ordering around waiters like slaves, i hate that!!! disgusted by people who do that, like u , i also liek to order with a smile and most places i get good service!!!

Arunima said...

lol@ the ads. I couldn't figure out what they were for. And now I have got Seinfeld from one of my colleagues. Will watch them:-)

AmitL said...

Hi,Lopa...haha..yes,indeed-hope the family recognizes me..:)
And,the products..will put up the next post,now.:)
Hi,Rain girl-always nice to see u here..:)Will tell @ the products in the next post..
And,nice point @ the anger-but then,easier to deal with it coolly, I feel.
Hi, Ms. R- do,do watch the full movie at one go..with the 'full concentration' you did when you saw parts,of course.It's a delight.
Hi,SS-haha..same here...wonder why malls are so dull when I visit,too?:)
and,you think just like me-I get the best service,I feel-since I always smile at the waiters..they're so used to grumpy customers.
Hi,Arunima-Hey,you must give a review of Seinfeld...the episodes you watched.:)I'm sure you'll love them.

austere said...

kya tha products?