Friday, July 02, 2010

Tag:What's in your bag?

(Disclaimer: all the briefcase pics are courtesy goo-gling)

Sush,nee, SS has tagged me(thanks for that,SS)-the (ahem) only guy picked to do the tag...curiosity @ what I carry in my briefcase,apparently.:)
So,here ready to get shocked??Not really..
Currently: Answer is : Nothing..:)hehe..why? Coz I don't carry a bag or a briefcase. Some months back, I decided that I was fed up of carrying...(Well,that appears below)...anything to work. Just decided' Khaali haath aaye the hum, khaali haath jaayenge' applies to my work place,too..and..the rest,as they say, is while people look proud lugging their laptops,their lunches, et al everyday to work..and sweating away in this humid weather, I'm cool,calm, pressure on the arms,so to speak. All the 'necessities', from otrivin to homeopathic medicine to headache tabs,biscuits,sweet awla,sunflower seeds ..are kept in the drawer of my desk.
To continue the tag from the past, let me think:

Before I arrived at this thought of eternal happiness (the khaali haath waala thought), I used to carry one of those paper bags with two red/blue/grey....handles of'd contain my lunch, which'd usually be curd, khakhra, buttermilk...or, salad instead of khakhra or a chutney sandwich or oat wraps ...something to that effect. Occasionally, there'd some quiz forms that I wanted to try and do during the work break,or, ones that I'd filled and wanted to fax/email and win prizes in the bargain, sometimes successfully..haha...:)

Going a bit further back, to the time I first came to 2002, I used to carry some selection papers from my engineering days at my first job in India..used to make me feel tired of that. And one of my colleagues who'd joined at the same time as me(That's another story) used to take just buttermilk, an apple and a small 9 gm bag of light chips from the supermarket, no need for a bag.

And now, to India and the first job...well, honestly, I never knew what people used to keep in their briefcases, and always used to envy those who carried one around. But, of course, when you were a fresher in those days, you couldn't afford a briefcase at first. So, I used to carry one of those bags that college professors carry. With my appointment letter, a pen or two and a reference book on refrigeration, to show people how diligently I took my job...hehe..:)Later, of course, I realized- bookish knowledge has barely 1 % use on the working life in this line, at least.

Then came the first time when we(Dad and me) went to purchase my briefcase- it was a VIP Alfa...costing @ 250 bucks, quite a princely sum in those days. And..voila, I didn't know what to carry in, I actually asked this senior who was teaching me, as to what he carried..and, happily copied his bag...a ductsizer, a writing pad, a 0.7 mm pencil, a ballpen,some catalogues of the company's products, and a calculator. Oh,'s the one item of self-care that I used to carry for some time...a comb.:)

What I'd love to carry in my briefcase when I start my books/mags library one of these days:

(Sush, I hope you continue tagging me in future, after this somewhat 'boring' revelation @ my briefcase..:) )

Now, if you ask me @ what the college bags used to hold, that'd be something interesting, I'm sure..hahaha..and, on that note, let me tag, in alphabetical order..:)

Abhilasha,Arunima,Cyn, LP, Lopa, Ms. R, Poo...(Austy, you're already tagged by SS),
An 'A'joke,well,slightly, this time:

Q:  How does James Bond like his ladies ?
 A: Shaven, not furred.
Till next time, keep smiling.:)


Lazy Pineapple said...

Ahh..nice...such a candid confession Amit..that is sweet :)

I am not a fan of doing Tags, but will do it one of these days.

LOL for the joke :)

abhilasha said...

hmmmm...bag thg... i wonder even u have carried bags
u dont loook like one.. he he he

shooting star said...

lot of male colleaguesin the office follow ur principle, so am not a bit surprised!!!!

wish i could be such fancy free while going to work!!!

austere said...

And that college bag?

Ms.R. said...

That's interesting! Honestly everyone knows my bag is a mini-home :P Almost all essentials are found in it ;)

Ps Lovely background

~ Lopa said...

Thanks for the tag Amit :)
ahhh and yes i would have expected this reply... almost all my colleagues come that way but yes not hubby dear as being a Proj Mgr in IT, he needs to carry his laptop wherever he goes!

Keshi said...

:) hey Amit!


~ Lopa said...

And i did your tag ! :)

Arunima said...

thanks for tagging. :-) Will try to do it.