Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stores,serials and weekends

Continuing from the previous post, after that enjoyable time at the bookstore, I went to Virgin Megastore. In the past, I'd never really spent much time in this store, but, two months back, I just wandered in out of curiosity, and found it a great TP, besides finding bargain comedy serials like Coupling, at a heavily discounted price.  There's books(ahem!), music, movies, photo frames, tees, watchesand lots of other trendy stuff. Plus, there's the merchandise that Hollywood brings out when a movie's being released, and once the hype and hoopla is over, they sell it off dirt-cheap, if it gets sold of course.:) Let me just say-it's a 'different'store, something like what Planet M's trying to emulate there..somewhat successfully..would love to franchise such a nice outlet.:)Want to see more? Here's the link for their stores on this side of the world.

I'm really hooked to comedy I've said in the past- hardly see any movies on video these's better to see these 1/2 hr max serials, have a good laugh and generally look at the brighter side of life for the rest of the day, or, during visits to dreamland.
So, anyway, let me share a dialogue(I did put part of it on my FB page) from the serial- the two wives are in the kitchen, discussing:

Wife 1(Doug's wife) is bugged because hubby said something she did not like: They should put a device on husbands that gives them a shock when they something stupid.
Wife 2:(Ray's wife): Yea, right- not a shock to kill, but just enough to make him bite down on his tongue.
Wife 1: Yes. Like 'Honey, did you put gain a little weight?'...and the device would go Bzzzzzz.
Wife 2: Yes- we could have a little remote control that we could keep on a keychain.
Wife 1: A silver keychain.
Wife 2: With initials.
...and so the dialogues go on....said so naturally that I couldn't help having the laugh of the day. And, they show the poor hubbies in the next room, with Doug trying to decide whether to put on the TV set to watch his baseball game, and worried that wifey might get annoyed.(Yea-both Doug and Ray are pretty docile most of the time in front of their wives, even though they practice tiger-y thoughts and moves when they are not there.
Believe me, if you haven't seen these serials or Seinfeld, you must...they're never too old hat for any age.
Once in a while, it's time for an Ugh joke. So, here goes:
Two male flies are buzzing around, cruising for good looking females. One spots a real cutie sitting on a pile of cow manure and dives down toward her. "Pardon me" he asks, turning on his best charm... but is this stool taken?"
And, an office joke:
When the staff goes out after work, they talk about football or basketball. When Middle management gets together, they talk about tennis or baseball. Top management discusses golf. Conclusion: The higher up you are in management, the smaller your balls are.


abhilasha said...

ha ha ha...see the story is same evrywhr... husband and wife's survival of fittest..waise u must see korean movies.. they r awsome too.. go for 'classic'... even they r very indian sorts... saas bahu.. parents against love marriage.. and all that... fun to watch

Rain Girl said...

I love Seinfeild.. though I have only seen re-runs on Star World.. people usulaly don't like it.. thinking it too.. old.. so m so glad you like it too :D
n yup I like watching comedy sitcoms too. like How I met Your Mother ....Friends.. they are awesome.. :)

Purba said...

Is the stool taken?? ROFL

I wonder if they have the Saturday night series at the store

austere said...

Good luck for the franchise.
Sooner than later, you will do it-- knowing you.

AmitL said...

Hi,Abhilasha-haha-yes,those dialogues are funny..Korean movies?And,saas-bahu types?Help--unless they're comedies,I wouldn't see them.Do u know,I haven't watched India's master saas-bahu channel,Zee TV, since more than a yr?
Hi,Rain girl-that's my favourite-Seinfeld..such witty dialogues throughout each episode, never a dull moment...grt to see that u like it for people thinking it's 'old'-hey, if they didn't put some year on it, it'd be just as true for today, right?same goes for How I met your mother,friends,coupling...:)good fun..
Hi,Purba-haha-yes,I did find the joke funny,too...if it makes me laugh,I put it in a post, is my way of thinking for jokes.:)
As for the Saturday Night series-u talking of the John Travolta ones?SNF,Stayin Alive,Grease...?
Hi,Austy-tku for ur confidence in me-yes,I do think I can do the franchise-just need to focus totally on it,and imagine that it's done...and, will be.:)

abhilasha said...

well to that i wud say.. man!! u r terribling missing somethg.. i was the one who used to laugh at ppl who use to watch the saas bahu thg.. and its the same 'me' who watches saas bahu even in korean movies... and trust me they r good... we have this channel which has this korean thg coming all that time...

KJ said...

Hello Amitji

Am alive n kicking in mumbai.. :)

holidays end on 20 july.. :(



Poo said...

Oh I love the the new template, ah alll the books:)) I love it! Sienfeld is such a classic and as funny no matter how many times I've seen it.

Arunima said...

do you like Big Bang Theory? I just love that serial. I get serials shared by colleagues. Will check out Coupling.

lol@your joke. Shared with colleagues during a training in a conference room.