Thursday, July 29, 2010


Tell me, is this a serious email?
Dear Mr. Amit,

Please find attached Statement of account and do the need full urgently, because your account is not coming on phone line and conveying massage by secretory.
Please do some thing I am in very bed position."
And,this one from a lady supplier:

We have been constantly trying to contact you for last two days, but have not been able to get through. Had left a massage in your voice mail & also with your receptionist yesterday.
Life's good fun,na, if you keep your eyes open!!:)


austere said...


abhilasha said...

ya so true.. good yar.. urs is a dynamic life.. he he he....

Purba said...

No body leaves a massage in my voice mail. I am going green with envy :P

shooting star said...

now this reminds me of funny talk by a lady colleague, she didnt realise what she was saying and talked on length about her woes regarding work and her line manager...and it was actually coming out double meaning...and after she was gone, me and another colleague just burst into peals of laughter!!...we both understood the same thing and it wasnt what she was actually trying to tell us about!!...
btw, i lost another 1 kg, now the last 4 kgs are left to go..and this is always the hardest part for me...
hows ur fitness coming along??

AmitL said...

Abilasha-haha..dynamic is a nice word.:)
Hi,Purba-I'll gladly forward these to you,for 'further action'..:)Let me know ur email id.
Hi,SS....hahaha...I've been in such situations..wonder how you managed to keep from laughing?I couldn't..
And,wow-another kg gone?Same here...the regime's going fine..:)