Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inspirational Beats

So how's your weekend been so far, you ask? Walk,walk,walk,diet,diet,diet.....:)Great exercise, great for the body, great motivation.....:)

Currently, my mp3 clip player has the following songs that keep me on my toes, so to speak, during my 1-1.5 hr walks, morning and evening: (If anyone wants to begin an exercise routine with these songs, let me know...haha)
All the best                                -All The Best
Dostana                                    -Jaane Kyun 
Love Aaj Kal                           -Twist
Kaminey                                  - Om Mangalam
Main aur Mrs. Khanna             - Happening
Dostana                                   -Desi Girl
Dil Bole Hadippa                     - Discowale Khisko
Kambakht Ishq                        -Lakh Lakh
Love Aaj Kal                          -Chor Bazari
Kya love story hai                   -It's rocking
Love Partner                          -Aage Aage Dekho
Kaminey                                -Raat ke dhai baji

Ajab prem ki gazab kahani     - Prem Ki Naiyya
Dil Bole Hadippa                   - Remix
Love Aaj Kal                         -Aahun Aahun
Johnny Gaddar                       - Move your body
Dil Bole Hadippa                    -Bhangra Bistar
Chance Pe Dance                  -Pe Pe Pepein

De Dana Dan                        - Paisa Paisa
Kaminey                               -Dhan Te Nane
Kaminey                               -Dan Te Nan(remix)
Dil Bole Hadippa                  -title
Housefull                              -Girl, you're mine
I hate love storys                  -Title
Kismat Konnection              -tu Hai Meri Soniye
Love Partner                        - Kuke Kume
London Dreams                   -Man Ko Ati Bhave
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na        -Pappu Can't Dance
Housefull                            - Apni to jaise taise

Have you noticed, if a movie has one good song, it usually has 2-3 good songs.:)
Anyone got any new beats they'd like to recommend, to add to my playlist? What's needed is a nice beat-if you see,nee,hear any of these songs,you'll see they have a nice beat, that helps walking without any idea of the time.:)

And,oh,yes...did I mention- 5 weeks, 6 kgs down is not bad, I guess.:) Still a few more to go.another 4 weeks,I'd say, before I reach what I term as 'satisfactory':)
That reminds me- I did try out the skechers' shape ups. The CD,first- it has a small instruction video of how to balance yourself on the shoes- ah yes, the shoes have such a nice fluffy feel that you need to find your C.G.(Centre Of Gravity, in case you forgot your science classes in school) all over again, before attempting to walk. And then, there's 2 videos, one of 5 mins, another of 20 mins, with workouts when wearing these shoes. All in all, quite a satisfactory walk. But,yes, ensure they're the correct size, if you're buying them.:)
A funny incident while buying them- there was this guy and his family, the guy also trying out the same shoes. Somehow, he thought I'm an expert on these shoes or any walking shoes, I guess. So first, he waited till I took  off the first pair I tried, and immediately picked them up to try, coz he liked the colour.

Then, he walked around, enjoying them, again came back to his trial seat, and waited to see what size I was buying...naturally, my shoe size was 46 1/2, and I didn't think they'd fit him...but no, he wanted the same size- I had a glimmer of satisfaction when the sales guy told him the ones I'd taken were the last pair.Crazy, some people are. Normally, I'd have offered him the shoes if he'd looked desperate enough. But, he had that hint of arrogance that just irritates me..Ah well.:):)
Have a nice weekend.:)


austere said...

Congrats on the five weeks... awesome.
You were already pretty trim, yet?

abhilasha said...

now this is just too much... mr.walkin shoes.. well congrates for that 5 weeks 6 kg down thg.. but yes i wonder if u r adnan sami part two.. u have a better option to try out.. go for liposuction... guess it mite help..coz by ur obsesation it seems u can do anythg for it..but u carry on walking...but keep a check haan..make sure u dont get that thin that u r not visible wid naked eyes.. by the way i ll tell u two awesome songs...
1. amplifier.. its a punjabi song
2. main tenu samjhava from the movie virsa again a punjabi song...
but trust me u ll love it...

~ Lopa said...

hahaha.....may be that way a way to show he liked you....or may be mmmm crush on you on the name of shoes....hehe :D

The Ego said...

Oh I have the Reebok version I think ... mostly because I got it on sale :P
They're quite good! I would've bought Skechers if I had a choice favourite brand!

shooting star said...

im on fitnes routine too and i lost 6 kgs in 5 weeks too!!...wat a coincidence..
though my fitness routine is totally different, i joined swimming and combined with some serious healthy eating habits, i lost all the extra kilos, though as per my BMI , i still gotto lost another 4 kgs
u got all the peppy hindi numbers covered in ur playlist...may i suggest some hard rock numbers, they pep me like anything when i jog!!....

Arunima said...

thought you are quite fit n fine n slim n trim. Trying to lose weight? your pic looks quite ok.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-ah well...I wanted to be trimmer.:)
Lopa-please say you're jogging,err joking.:)
Hi,TR-Reebok has the same? I didn't know...and,yes,sketchers were also on sale at Avenue..:)
Hi,Sush-grt's the 'level' now??:)It's good fun,na.
Arunima-haha..yes,but, no harm in becoming a bit fitter,na?:)

AmitL said...

Abhilasha,hahaha..will heed your advice..:)
And,tks for the tip @ the two just googling it now.