Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Time Flies

Good heavens-is it Thursday already? Five days from the last post? Ah well, pretty eventful week this has been. Let's see now. Barely an hour after posting, the reception people called me and asked whether I'd mind shifting to another room,since they were doing maintenance on the floor where I've been, since June. They did say it was due to pest control, but I believe it was also coz they wanted to put a less sensitive smoke detector in the room- because the agarbatti(incense) smoke after I did my 'quick pooja' daily, used to let off the fire alarm every other day...haha.:)
So, I opened the curtain, and there was this cute lil birdie peering at my from the balcony.Tsk-before your imagination runs wild, let me show you this birdie.

So, anyway, believe me, it being the second half of the weekend(First day, Friday, goes in my mad rush to walk/walk for 2-2.5 hrs in the morning, followed by a big of newspaper readng, a short nap @ noon, and nothing too much in general- just letting the stress of the week go, so to speak), I wasn't really in the mood to pack. So, I began...and, heavens, one bag became full of books and mags, the big bag was filled with clothes, another trolley bag was filled with weighing scale, shoes, etc etc...and, there were 5-6 plastic bags too, besides the five shirts on hangers that I carried in. I couldn't believe that I'd just come here on 6th, this weekend will go in getting rid of a lot of unwanted stuff.
In the evening, a friend's family was coming to Karama to do some shopping for their India trip(40% off at Giorgano) and then wanted to eat at a new restaurant, that I'd also never visited. And, I avoid going to new places, honestly. Tried and tested is always the best. More on that later.
This new room is on the other side, i.e. not on the main road, but, the balcony facing a nice lil lane, which also has the entrance to the place. Maybe I'll take a pic and put it up, if anyone's interested..:)
In the evening, there was a small rumble.....
Sunday was a hectic day at work(first day of the week, you see)..I forgot all about the rumble and the warning signs. Went off in the evening on my usual walk, this time in a relatively secluded, peaceful road route....and, nearly fainted on the way...well, wait, I said 'nearly'...probably the heat n humidity, plus the stress of the day, and the ignored warning signs...had my usual 'advance visions' of walking up in a hospital, not knowing where I was,etc etc...anyway, nothing happened..:)luckily I was near a petrol pump, so I hopped in, had some water, nice warm tea and 2 cookies and was back on my way, and happily finished my walk..(Puhlease-don't tell me it's coz of my diet- the diet's fine, much healthier than it's ever been..hehe)

By the time I reached home, the rumbles showed what they were all about- upset tummy, of course..remember the new place tried on Friday? So, some kind of stomach infection...continued till yesterday, till I finally went to the doc(Can't leave anything to chance in a foreign country, frankly..with no family around, etc) and he gave some medicine and today I feel aok and wanting to post and blog surf.:)BTW, I did lose another 1/2 kg courtesy this rumbling tummy business...conclusion? Loose motions are an easy way to weight loss, of course....(Sorry, just couldn't resist that one..)..great fun- that's the way life should be-never a dull moment.:)

And, tomorrow's the last working day of the, will catch up with you all tomorrow evening...or, Friday..till then, hang in there and keep smiling.:)
Joke for the day:
You grope for me in the dark. You put your hand in your pocket and fiddle with me. I will only work in the right hole. What am I?

Keys.....(most innocent smile-why, whatever did you people think it was??)


austere said...

I tell you, the diet is at fault even if it was a tummy bug.

Nice birdie.

Arunima said...

where are you now? I think i need to read so many posts of yours now to get the drift. me back now.

Ms.R. said...

You actually have advance visions? How cool is that???

And please don't eat stuff from outside. It's so hot that soon the govt will issue warnings of the dangers of eating out and food poisoning! And take care of your health :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima-am in Dxb at present..Baroda visit next week
Ms. R-yep,I do..and,it's cool..a bit scary at times.:)
Eating stuff from outside-well, it's no risk most of the time,in Dxb,with their strict regulations,na?