Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Hi,all...well,I've had all good intentions to blog regularly, but, it seems time doesn't agree with me...or,maybe it's my current diet-walk-reduce program that takes away my spare time.Or,maybe it's the hi stress level at work, that ensures I just watch a comedy show like According To Jim or Seinfeld, when I'm home..ah well, always good to be busy, I'd say..have lots to write about.So, let's begin with last weekend.
I finally(after two weeks) decided to go and pick up the books prize I'd won in one of the leading local dailies here. Decided to go by the Metro-for some reason, I'd not used the Karama Metro station ever since it opened, so it was something to look foward to. Entered the station and whew!What a nice long walk to the platform(specially in my current walk-walk mood..haha) , in airconditioned comfort,but naturally. Reached there and the next train came in, in 4-5 minutes. After a nice ride(More on the ride later), I reached Mall Of The Emirates, and reached the bookstore. Spent a nice 1 hr there, browsing, reading a bit,seated on their comfy sofas. For choosy people like me, it's not easy to find books worth AED 100/-(@ 1250 bucks there) Finally, I picked out:

1. It's not rocket science and other irritating modern cliches- a fun book, which looks at common expressions we use and why we use them...will extract some in the next post...great laughs there.

2. The mid-life disaster- It's a very compact  gift book, actually(not regular size as in the link), so, I might just gift it to some 'deserving' candidate one of these days.:)(After reading, of course..haha)

 LOL...please,don't raise knowing eyes..I've quite some way to reach mid-life, but some of the quotes were pretty LOLlable- like' at his age, his actions creak louder than words'....that made me decide to select it as the second book of my choice.

After this I went to the next shop I love to visit- Virgin Megastore...more on that in the next post.:)

Ooph..time for work,, will catch up with you all later in the day...or, tomorrow...or, day after..:)


abhilasha said...

too obsessed wid diet plan...even gals arent that much... dont let it over power u.. chill man... let the body relax.. kyon bechari body ko dauda rahe ho... take it easy man!!

austere said...

No novels?
And you would gift a book you've read once?

Lazy Pineapple said...

the 1st book sounds funny..
Why are you getting so obsessed about your weight? as Abhilasha said...chill man..

The Double Inverted Commas said...

Yes, listen to those two above me saying, don't worry about your weight.

~ Lopa said...

Ok so if you are gifting those books, can you gift them to me?
I don't mind it that you are gifting after reading ;) :D

And i defer on diet, don't chill, lage raho...i appreciate people who take their health seriously, mainly coz i am not able to and i envy them ;)

abhilasha said...


Purba said...

We even have the same template!! Damn.

Btw I can spend hours at the Virgin store. Too bad we don't have one in India yet.

AmitL said...

Hi,Abhilasha-arre,it's always grt to get fit-ter.:)don't worry,I do get tired out at that moment, when I end a walk-out or work-out,but,otherwise,it's cool-all the aches,pains,tiredness-they vanish.:)
Austy,I just can't get in the mood to read novels these days-have 3-4 Perry Masons I brought back from Baroda,and haven't read them either.
Gifting a book I've read?Arre,not as a bday present,but, as a nice book worth reading...after all,books are knowledge, and good knowledge should be shared,na?
Hi,LP-they're both fun books.:)as for weight control-it's just coz I like it..:)
Haha-DIC,u too?U're all making me conscious of my workout plans,now.:)
Lopa-hahaha...sure,will gift them to and send?Courier?Handover when in Abad at the same time?:)
Abhilasha-comment 2:::)Noted.
Purba-yep,isn't it a nice coincidence?As for the VMS in India,yes, I also wonder why they haven't opened one yet?It'd be a surefire hit.

~ Lopa said...

Courier or handover ;)

Arunima said...

Congratulations on the win. Yet to check out the books. Been reading war books.