Saturday, June 19, 2010


You know which people have a lot of fun? Those sitting and observing the security camera videos. Specially if there are mirrors in the area.
Take, for example, the most common area-  a lift/elevator...If you walk in alone, you'll surely do something and not just stand there like a nut, right? You might:
- Smile at yourself to see how you look, if you're going for an interview,
- Fluff your hair with a comb or with your hands if you have no comb. Particularly if you're a Gujju guy- a comb is a necessary accessory to be fitted into the trouser pockets. Not a strand should be out of place.
- Open your mouth wide and see if there're any cavities, if you're planning to visit the dentist shortly. Or exhale sharply so that your breath touches the mirror and bounces back-this tells you whether you've got good or bad breath.
- Pull up or pull down your trousers/skirt, to make sure it's just perfectly, well, placed, for lack of a better word.

Why do we do this?  It's the security one feels when in an elevator-that you're  alone and no-one is observing your little  shennanigans....little do you notice, specially in today's modern places like malls, buildings, etc, be it in India or Dxb-there's usually a teeny or even a normal video camera that's put there mainly to observe any suspicious activity. And, there's an observer sitting somewhere in the guard/security room who's grinning away, getting his daily dose of laughter without having any comedy TV channels.
In public also, people have these tendencies- heaven knows how many times I've had to get the mirror on my two-wheeler fixed, because someone sat on it while it was parked, and twisted it round in order to admire himself(Or, was it a her??)

Even now, while I'm sitting in this room, there's  mirror on the wall behind my laptop and I keep looking to see if writing the post is bringing a grin to my face....LOLOL.

If there's a shiney car, someone will be sure to sidle up to it and try and see if they're looking fit.
Speaking of interviews, it's finally happened- an ad where the guy uses 'fair and lovely' cream for men, and immediately gets selected for the job. Qualifications? Immaterial! I'm not sure, but I think I even heard the interviewer asking him how he looks so good?  I can imagine the sales of the product shooting up, specially in this season when people have just graduated and are on the lookout for good jobs.:)

And, oh wow- Ms. R's given me a 'Super Comments' award. Thank you so much. Ms. R....and, in true blogging tradition, let me pass it forward to- Austy, LP,Lopa,Abhilasha, Cyn,Arunima, Poo... And, right back to you too, Ms. R. When any of you leave a comment on a post,  it's pretty in-depth, indicating that you really read the post. (And, if there's a one-liner comment, or just a :)(smiley), it means the post was a bore and you're just being polite....hahaha..)

I also pass it on to  the balance people on my blogroll....who blog less frequently these days, but when they do, they do comment very I always say, bloggers are basically nice people.:)
Coming up next: My first days at work,,  how a full Co seemed to be travelling in the pantry car of Gujarat Express. ..or, how I located an apprentice technician in Baroda by just the fact that he kept a Swaminarayan Tika.:)


Joke for the day:
"Nice threads, man," commented Donald when his buddy showed up one day in a snappy new suit. "Where'd you pick 'em up?" 
Richard beamed. "My wife got them for me. Pretty sharp, huh?"
 "I'll say. What was the occasion?"
 "Got me," admitted Richard with a cheerful shrug. "I came home from work early the other day and there they were, hanging over the chair in the bedroom."
Cheerio, till the next time.


Lazy Pineapple said...

hey....loved the new look.Blog looks fab :) is so funny..we all behave the same way when we see a mirror..only the intensity varies :)

Thanks for passing me the award...much obliged..

heheh..that is for the joke :)

austere said...

Very diplomatic... sab ko award!


Unless someone makes funny faces or plays gun-gun that guard must be getting
very very BORED.

Tika connection-- how did you manage?


abhilasha said...

well.. first of all thk u so much for mentioning my name in ur blog... it seems as if i m a STAR... he he he...
mirror!!!...oh god!! this is one thg i cant look at if someone is standing next to me.. let it be anyone...i m just too shy about it...but yes i must confess i m self obsessed,,, but all these "i love myself thg" is wen i m alone..i love a mirror so much that for my brthday i asked for a big mirror in the room..but sharing the mirror space wid anyone is a big NO!
anyways dis swaminarayan thg is just too mmuch man.. i met a female and she told me.. she wakes up at 4..take a bath.. go to swaminarayn temple...she has never eaten anythg from outside.. "anythg"...if she wishes she cooks... if she wish to have water outside.. she carries a piece of cloth and filters the water.. and drink it..i asked her wat if ur husband wants to take u out for dinner or somethg,,, she said i ll marry someone who also follows swaminarayan thg...i was like phewwww!!!....i ll prefer to die den to have such a life...

Rain Girl said...

Haha! Funny na? We all do that :P Even if not visibly, but we keep looking at our reflection, making sure all is right :P

And love the books background :D

~ Lopa said...

hahaha so now complesary we have to write a long full of depth comment, as one liner or smiley will make you feel it was a bore !

well i am safe now as that's my one line gone ;)

Well that's true in a way, mirror thing. We have mirror in elevator at office and sometimes even when one if not alone they check own self and do some khicha-khichi of shirt, top, hair ;)
Well, i do that but only when
I will have to check if they have a cam there, i guess not !

~ Lopa said...

Ohh yes and thanks for changing the template, prev one was a bit inconvenient for me to read minimizing it at office...hehe :P