Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fun time

"Hallo- haan, mein bol raha hoon"(Hallo-yes,it's me speaking)
"Haan, kya chal raha hai?"(Yes, what's going on?)
"Munna so gaya ya abhi bhi ro raha hai?"(Has Munna gone to sleep or is he still crying?)
"Haan, mein bus ke liye wait kar raha hoon."(Yes, I'm waiting for the bus)
(The person on the opposite side must've said, shocked"Bus? What bus? You're going to Dubai on a plane, na, not on a bus?")
"Arre, woh bus nahin, yeh airport ka bus hai- humko uthaakar plane tak le jaata hai"(arre,not that bus, this is the airport bus-it will pick us up and drop us at the plane)
"Theek hai, meine plane mein pahunchke phone karta hoon"(Ok, I'll call you from the plane when I reach it)
"Haan, pappa, mein airport pahunch gaya. Nahin, koi problem nahin hua".(Yes, Pappa, I reached the airport. No,no problems)
"Haan, mein Dubai pahunch ke phone karoonga"(Yes, I'll call when i reach Dubai airport)
" 24 C,D,E- yeh apni seats hain...sab log ek ek karke gothva jaao"....witness a  mad flurry of activity as hubby,wife and kid rush to place luggage on rack and occupy the three seats".(24 C,D,E- these are our seats- everyone settle down one by one)
"Aapan ne thoda khakhra ane naasto rakhvo joiye, nahin, jyaan sudhi aa loko jamvanu laave?(We should have kept some khakhra and snacks, to while away the time till these people serve food)
"Haan, Pappa, hoon Dubai airport pahunchi gayo".(Yes, Pappa, I reached Dubai)
Always such a refreshing way to begin the day- conversations galore, right from Abad to Dubai, from entry to one airport to exit from the other."
In a way, I envy these people- with me travelling the way I have been lately, my family treats it as if I'm going from Baroda to Ahmedabad and back-so, they don't even wake up fully in the wee hours of the morning at 5 AM, when I leave the flat...a sleepy 'bye'...hehehe!!(That's the way it should be, frankly-the more emotions when a person's going abroad, the more the tension in the mind when abroad and wondering what's going on at home. Don't you agree?)


Lazy Pineapple said...

hahha...funny conversations..especially the one in which the dad is asking about the bus and the Khakra one....

When travelling abroad becomes an everyday thing..I guess people around would not be soo excited :P

austere said...

You have made this into a up-down commute... sahi hai, boss!

~ Lopa said...

//sab log ek ek karke gothva jaao.

Gothva jaao? really? I thought it's gujju word ;)

Yeah it happens all the time... after marriage our most of the fights were on this topics as my in laws instructed to keep calling and when he doesn't they will and i would be annoyed till death that we are not kids, not the way i grew up...took lots of patience to deal with difference of south Gujarat and kathiyawad !

AmitL said...

LP...haha..indeed...but then, very people travel abroad frequently,na?don't know whether to call them lucky or unlucky-1/2 their life's spent at airports.
Austy-haha...ya-up/down,as in Baroda/Abad or Baroda/Surat..so tiring.
Haha..Lopa,yes,gothva jaao is a Gujarati word,indeed..and,they were speaking a mix of Gujarati/Hindi.:)Like many non-gujjus,who've settled there,do..like,me,sometimes.haha.:)
a big grin at your 'calling'experiences..that must've been so irritating in the beginning.:)