Saturday, June 12, 2010

Conversations(I did it again) and other topics

(This Dilbert one was amazing- goes so easily to the roots of the insecurities of people at many offices)

Did I tell you, I did it again...asked a simple question that led to a long-drawn out answer, just a day before I was leaving from Baroda. I asked out friendly neighbourhood dhobi, who operates his business from a larri sheltered by one of the many trees in our area.

Me:' Aap kal shaam ko nahin the, 430 pe? (You were not there yesterday at 430?)

 (Translated from Hindi, for everyone's benefit)'Oh, I had a wedding to attend so I left early. This season has so many weddings. My son had gone to one, and he came back yesterday after 4 days. Tomorrow evening, I am going to Disa for another wedding. My son will be here. I am going by bus, since there's no direct connection by train. It will take us 3-4 hours to reach there. I should be back in 4 days. But my son will be here'.

Knowing I was running out of time, I fled with a smile. Otherwise, he'd probably have told me the menu that was planned at the wedding, as well.
I'm surprised- no one commented on the caption contest pic in the last but one post(04.06)? Did you like the caption?
Speaking of prizes, I always enjoy winning prizes of books or DVDs/CDs, so imagine my delight at winning this one, the second time in 4 months. From one of the leading local dailies here:

June 4 winner

Amit Loiwal

The winner of this quiz will receive a Dh100 gift voucher redeemable at any of Jashanmal’s Bookstores. If we receive more than one set of correct answers, the winner will be chosen out of a random draw. 
(Dhs 100 is @ Rs 1250/-). Not bad, na? Any ideas for some good humour books? Or, I might just end up selecting a Peanuts special edition, like I did last time.
From an episode of Seinfeld:(Seinfeld and George are at a laundry and George wants Seinfeld to remove his laundry from the machine before it gets 'over-dry')
You can’t over-dry. It’s the same reason you can’t over-wet. See once something is wet, it’s wet. Same thing with death. Like once you die, you’re dead, right? Let’s say you drop dead and I shoot you…you’re not gonna die again, you’re already dead. You can’t over-die, you can’t over-dry.

Joke for the day:

Definition: Paranoia: I was sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant, WHEN a well endowed waitress with a low cut uniform reached in front of me and said, "Does my PARANOIA?"
Till next time, keep smiling.


abhilasha said...

hey thats awesome... u won that.. winning is always so delightful... i had one myself.. a big coffee hamper.. and once i got a 1000 rs cheque for writing an essay..and that "me and meri maggi thg" i won from west zone..they published it on maggi and newspaper and all that.. but didnt give me anythg..not even a maggi packet..irony know..he he he..

austere said...


Found this time's quiz not too easy, so boss you deserve a huge hurrah.

Yep, some people start off with the Mahabharat if you let them. :)

Abhilasha- how awful abt Maggi. So unlike Nestle.

abhilasha said...

austere@- though they both are nestle product..but koi na,, it happens.. though it certanly gave me immense pleasure..

Lazy Pineapple said...

Congratulations for winning the contest..a tough one it was...

Loved the caption contest..sorry had missed that out :P

People do tend to ramble on when they are dying for a conversation...if you meet me..I would do the same...lack of human interaction does that to you :)

Ms.R. said...

Naaaaiceeee naaaaiiiceee