Friday, June 04, 2010

Conversations in Baroda

The sweeper starts at the 10th floor and works his way down. He's here at 830 AM everyday. He collects all the garbage on each floor, takes it down and leaves it for the Municipality truck to carry away. He knows he has to come on time. If he doesn't, the truck goes away. He then uses a wheelbarrow to cart away the trash and deposits it at some distance from our building. He's much better than the previous sweeper, who used to take money from flat-owners as well as the building people, on one pretext or the other. This one also clears all the landings on each floor. Good, hai ke nahin?

We finished painting the exterior of the building. We can do the interior, but need to check with everyone as to whether they agree to pay a little extra to get it whitewashed or distempered. We would like to get the shutters of the 5 shops on the ground floor painted, as well. However, the shop owner(s) has not even paid the Rs. 6000 for the building maintenance yet. Remember he promised to pay, during the building AGM in December? So how can we do anything further, hai ke nahin, even though we know that it will improve the building get-up further. So-and-so has also paid only Rs 4000 so far, and is cooling his heels waiting for us to remind him to pay the rest. We have to find a way, hai ke nahin?

People have been paying outstanding dues, yes. But, the main defaulters do not live here- we have been trying to contact them. That itself is a lakh plus of outstanding. If that fund comes in, we will be better placed for future works. Hai ke nahin?

Four floors are yet to agree to get their landings and stairs tiled. The people on the floor below agreed. The work is going on. The other floor's people have to decide amongst themselves. I told the fourth floor people' first have your meeting among yourselves, then tell us'. This is work related to individual floors, hai ke nahin? We cannot run after each flat's owners and ask them to get the work done. They have to come forward, appreciate the floors besides theirs that are done and tell us. Hai ke nahin?
Ok, Uncle- will talk to you later. (That was me, finding a nano-second of a break in the monologue from the Uncle).
 And, all I'd remarked was ' The garbage man comes early now..good'.
Why, oh why, am I such a conversation starter?
Ah well.:) Till next time, keep smiling.


Ms.R. said...

I knowwww. Gujjus looove to talk! Hai ke nahin?

Lazy Pineapple said...

hahha..I had started wondering...what was wrong with you..when I was reading your post.
The ending was hilarious...
Run Far away when you see this uncle :)
Oh I miss such people here...

austere said...

Reminded me of the meandering path of the Vishvamitri.

abhilasha said...

ha ha ha.... sahi!!.. well it does happen..