Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weekly Roundup

(My Quip: The new way to convince  yourself that you've lost weight)

Hi all. No excuses. Even though I’ve been tied up at work, that’s no reason for me to ignore my favourite hobby,is it? So, let’s catch up. What've you been up to?

It finally happened-we finally had a supplier who threatened to do the unthinkable (called haraki*i)if we did not amend his order for blunders he had made in his quote and leave the names of those who had caused it, in his final note. Ah well, we don’t expect anything drastic from him, but then, it was a bit dramatic.

Then, there was this waiter two days back- I asked him whether they had pineapple juice and he brought me paani puri with the juicy paani in a full bowl. I didn’t have the heart to tell him to take if back, particularly since many restaurants have been facing a drop in their clientale, courtesy the recessionist trends, and they might have deducted it from his salary. As such, it’s been ages since I had this delicacy, courtesy my inability to enjoy anything too spicy with hiccupping as well as my diet. So, I just relished the dish and, instead of pineapple juice, took a masala tea to end that nice snack.

Courtesy the hectic week, I’ve mainly been watching TV which is the least exerting on the mind after work, i.e. after going on a walk of course. And, I found a great channel. The News doesn’t have those squiggly creatures leaping out from the bottom borders, the newsreader doesn’t scream out about ‘normal incidents’ like a pothole on the road, a housewife in Jhumritaliya consuming poison due to harassment, kids falling (being lowered down for publicity?) down wells, etc as if they were the biggest scandals of the decade needing attention of the world. Precise, to the point, more of the good news than the bad news. It had the ole comedy, Khoobsurat(Rekha, Ashok Kumar, Rakesh Roshan, etc), showing yesterday, and the breaks were coming only once in ½ hr or so, not every 10 minutes. I’m sure those who knew this channel in the past recognize it- yep- Doordarhan’s National Channel. Try it. I don’t remember seeing the news on Jee or Sitara Newj in the last one year, for example- whenever I surf over to this channel, there’s always some ads going on, making me go Yawwwwnn.

Today’s a day of reading- brought some great mags and books from Baroda, but didn’t feel like reading so far. Besides Osho World(Some articles are really inspiring), Franchising World(For ideas- to come out of the Contracting line), Insite(Interior design ideas), Entrepreneur(Inspirations from people), Digit(Computing update), Filmfare(movie update), People, Business World, Outlook Money,….great variety, just waiting to be read. And, of course, this post was the first step to begin writing with a zeal, after last week.

End joke: Would you envy this guy his job? Would I? Well, maybe.ROFL.


Lazy Pineapple said...

hmmm nice post....Paani Puri instead of Pineapple juice? sure case of deafness...

I hardly watch any hindi channels and especially avoid the news channels...they make everything sound like a catastrophe..

austere said...

I cannot stand the news channels.
I watch movies OR the music channels.

Panipuri sounds superb.

Chalega ek din diet shiet ko maro goli.

Maybe read a good book? Non-bijness book. :D

pal said...

That was really sweet.. accepting the pani puri I mean.. or is it your favourite dish anyway ;-) ?