Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to identify a newcomer

How to identify newcomers to Dubai when in a bus:

1. They sound excited.

2. They look for the rope attached to the 'ding dong' bell, and the Ticket Checker, a la in many of our buses.

3. They repeat the names of the locations the bus stops at, with a drawl.

For example- Karrrrrrama,Burrrrrr Dubai, Burrrr Jumaannnnn. It's probably due to their feeling pretty pleased with themselves, since they've achieved something their friends back in India couldn't, by coming over to Dubai.(I know, coz I used to do the same back in 2002...LOL)

4. They talk about calling their family/friends at 12 midnight and their parents/girl friend's response, and discuss the dialogue ad verbatim. Like:

"I called my parents yesterday"

Friend:What did they say?

"Father was sleeping. Mother was awake"

Friend"Umm Hmmm"

"I asked Mother-why are you awake so long?"


"She said' I was remembering you'"

Friend is now quiet, remembering his family, nevertheless.

"You know my target-even if I can make it in 3 months, I'll go back"


"But I haven't reached there yet."

I felt like turning around and saying 'And you won't, for the next five or ten years, since your target will keep

increasing each year, with more and more purchases being done here and in India'.

This dialogue was taking place in UP Hindi mixed with English in an otherwise empty bus at full volume(That's another feature of newcomers-they'll talk at a loud pitch), so I couldn't help overhearing and smiling.

5. They become experts at mental maths, specially the table of 12, since they do'AED into 12' for everything.

Like, these guys were discussing the bus fare of 2 AED, and how they needed to recharge their cards when they got off. And, how 24 Rs seems too high for a one way trip.:)Soon they'll learn that two cups of tea equal a bus ride. And, price of petrol equals the price of a bottle of drinking water/spring water/mineral water(local produce).

6. They look like happy camels.

Ah well, so many more signs are visible. How @ u all, specially those who moved out of India,like LP? Let's have a post..and,even from those who moved from one city to another(Austy-from Baroda to Mumbai ka safar,pls), one house to another . It's like moving to a whole new world, isn't it?

Till the next post, keep smiling.


Lazy Pineapple said...

hilarious observations...
Happy Camels?...I have never seen one till date...they all look so angry..

Hmmm I have written a post similar to this...have a look.

Indians in UK

~ Lopa said...

hahaha... may be we will behave same when we visit Dubai as we haven't yet and keep thinking that we should plan... but yes that 3 months thing not applicable as may be we will be talking in days or max week... hehe

I love reading your observations... everytime i read a point i feel like exactly !

austere said...

Not now... maybe some day...

Poo said...

Nice observations :) So did you say any of these things when you first moved?

abhilasha said...

may be it ll happen wid me too.. once i ll go thr... no such sign in near future though... :-).. but that sounds interesting..

AmitL said...

Hehe..LP..will check ur post..and,yes, u've to be here to see happy and annoyed camels.:)
Second part of post coming up..:)
Lopa-thank u so much for that comment..:)When're u planning a Dubai visit? Well, visitors have a somewhat different way of expression, when they're here-I've observed that,too...will post that one day...this one was more about people who've come here with work in mind.:)
And, same here-something always rings a bell when i read ur posts.:)
Austy- :) Definitely- write @ it when u feel like it.:)
Hahaha...Poo,u're asking me a secret-but, yes,as I said,most new people to Dubai do say such things...I did too, including the drawlllll at location names.
Hey, Abhilasha- u can share ur experience of moving out from Abad to a new @ it?:)

AMIT said...

Good tips to identify.

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