Friday, May 21, 2010

Caption Contests

Thought for the day : Some bring happiness wherever they go, others bring happiness whenever they go.

My latest win at a caption contest. An honourable mention with a blog cup on LP's blog. Thanks, LP- it was good fun, and honestly, I liked all the other entries, including my co-winner, Savvy's.:)
For those who'd like a good laugh, check out the next contest. Read the captions and enter your caption,too.
Coming back to caption contests,I've been entering them since ages....whether or not they had a prize. The fun is in seeing one's entry selected, and people enjoying it.(and, even telling me that they liked it). If it wins a prize, it's an added bonus..(haha)My max prizes have been, surely, for the Sunday Midday caption contests, back in the nineties. Maybe I'll share some of my entries(have them all neatly clipped,pasted and stored, along with my letters to the editor, which crossed the thousand mark quite some time back, but slowed down since Y2K2).

There were also captions in The Weekly Sun, Star & Style,Jetset, The Asian Age(Sunday)...frankly, they're great for keeping the mind in a happy mood- take a look at the photo, think of the caption, of what the person could be saying/thinking...

One caption that I still remember was in the days of 'Choli ke peechhe kya hai', the hit song from Khalnayak.
The song used to blare everywhere- be in an autorickshaw or during the Ganpati Festival celebrations or during weddings. (Though I can't imagine why people would play such a song at a wedding, where many of the ladies are dressed in cholis....hehe)

There was a pic in Sunday Midday which showed an ole guy with a young girl, both weathering the rain under a common umbrella...and I captioned it ' The latest hit' Chhatri ke neeche kya hai'....the chholi ke peechhe song was such a hit then, that I just instinctively knew that the caption was a winner.

So, what should you do to make a winner of a caption, specially in the papers/mags? Supposed it's a film star pic from a Saif enjoying a lunch box with another star- think of that star's friends/girlfriends, their hobbies...I captioned that one ' Eat up fast-that's Kareena's Size Zero Secret lunch'...and, it won...there, easy,na? More importantly, read the caption yourself when you write it and think unbiasedly- does it make you smile or guffaw with laughter? If it does, you have yourself a there, that's my secret- happy Captioning, and let me know when(not if) you win.:)
The ones I still enter (that I can see in papers and mags, I mean) are in Filmfare(I enter those regularly...and,ahem, win now and then,too), Xpress(That's a local paper here).
End joke:
Patient:Doctor, doctor, I feel very flushed.

Doctor: You must have flu.
Patient:No, I walked
Till next time, keep smiling.


vishesh said... come google reader isn't showing your posts?

Lazy Pineapple said...

hey...thanks for mentioning my Blog :)

You have not commented on my hindi mail...I was waiting for a response a la Amit ishtyle :)

austere said...

takes a certain knack...Win!

~ Lopa said...

Amit... You are caption-expert :o)
Nice tips btw ;o)

shooting star said...

liked the chatri ke nicche vala caption, i can just imagine the photo with the caption..hehhe

Arunima said...

that is why I so admire you. the zest with which you take part in all these. :-)