Friday, April 30, 2010

What's up?

Thought for the day: Choices are the hinges of destiny

Edwin Markham

Hello, hello..and how’ve you all been? After a hectic work week, that ended with a headache and me sleeping a cool 10 hours, I woke up refreshed at 5 AM(Crazy, I think-waking up at that hour on a holiday). Today and tomorrow are ‘refresh ‘ days. Began it with the usual cuppa tea. Watched an episode of Seinfeld. Extremely funny. Great way to begin the day. Went for a nice long one hour walk. It’s still pleasant weather here, for this time of the year.(Touchwood, it’ll continue). Came back, feeling oxidized(Well, with all that unpolluted air being breathed in, it can be called an oxidizing experience, na?)

Went straight for the breakfast table. Great buffet, as usual. Juice, salad, muesli in cold milk. The Special item was Aloo Paratha-had a quarter piece with curd. And, that’s enough to help skip lunch.:) Went up.. It was 8 AM by this time. Saw two tea-trays outside two rooms, with the tea and milk jugs in them. Guess where those people must be from? Arre-amaaro Gujarat, of course. We people from there(Even non-Gujaratis like me) must begin the day with a cuppa tea, otherwise it seems incomplete. So, those two doors surely had Gujarati families inside. And, I’m sure I’m right-coz there’s a tour group from Ahmedabad in the place. And, I’m sure they bargained nicely to get a low package. How do I know? Read on.

Yesterday, there were two guys downstairs at breakfast time-both seemed retired types. One was arguing with the waiter, about how their agent could have booked one buffet breakfast for two people? Finally, with true Gujju style, he told the guy- you just note down and when we leave, give us the bill. I’ll recover it from C&K. in Ahmedabad. I hope the dear fellow gets his money. Though, I’m sure these ‘bargain’ events happen when you forcefully get the package rate lower than the lowest possible. So, people, beware of bargaining too much when you’re going on a hard-earned vacation.

Followed that up with a hair-cut ‘n color. Doesn’t look too bad,even if I say so myself. First cut after getting the Titan eye-plus glasses. Maybe I’ll click a pic one of these days.
The rest of the time so far-watched a bit of Independence Day, another Seinfeld episode.:)
Joke for the day : A pharmacist told his new assistant to he polite to every customer that came in. If you re stuck for conversation. talk about the weather," he advised. When the pharmacist came back from having his dinner, the assistant was sporting a lovely black eye. "So much for your advice" moaned the assistant. "What happened? asked the pharmacist "Well, this woman came in for a packet of sanitary napkins. Trying to make conversation, I said that it looked like it was qoing to be a dull weekend…

Till next time, keep smiling. Like I am.:)


Yamini Meduri said...

hi Amit

nice read yaar...sweet n smple post..!!!

how are you amit?? its been a long time..!!

Lazy Pineapple said...

heheh..loved the joke.

How have u been? not a peep from you in ages...
Take care.

austere said...

Liked the bargain breakfast... but no khakhra and thepla from home??

Anz said...

The bargain typical to a lot of people.
Hows you been?