Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Merry Conversations

Thought for the day: Gloom we have always with us, a rank and sturdy weed, but joy requires tending....Barbara Holland
(Quite apt for this post, by coincidence only)

I've been more in Baroda since the last six months, than I've been in eight years. And, I was discussing with some friend(s) about how things have changed, and for the better, and how nice it is to see these changes. 
(This represents 3-4 tete-a-tetes):

Me: It's amazing- broadband speed has gone up like anything. I'm using Tata Photon Plus, and it's superfast.
Him: Oh, you just wait and see- as the number of people goes up, the speed will begin going down and will be just like dial up and you won't be able to load even yahoo with ease.

Me: Isn't the VMSS(Vadodara Municipal Seva Sadan) doing a great job with the roads? I find them so much better than they've ever been in the past- less bumps, wider and faster traffic movement.
Him: Oh-just wait- one heavy vehicle passed over them and they crumble. And, after the first rains, you'll see only potholes.

Me: It's so good- MGVCL(Electricity Dept)'s coming now ensures very few power cuts and it's much easier to pay electricity bills
Him: You think so? Did you see the heavy charges they slap per unit?
(I don't really see too much difference, frankly- if your 1500 Rs bill goes up by a few bucks, I'd say it's more because of continuous availability of electricity than just the rate per unit going up, huh?)

Me: The market's really opened- now, you don't really need to get anything from abroad-it's available here. Chocolates, for example- in any grocery store, even. And, the prices are also not bad.
Him: Do you ever see the expiry dates on these things like biscuits and chocolates? They sell them cheap because the expiry date has already passed.
(Now, since I'm very meticulous about checking the expiry date as well as the nutrition content of any product, I know it's not so. But, I didn't say anything, since I knew it'd lead to more gloomy thoughts)

And, there, I ended the conversations, at one of the above topics or the other. Don't you love such 'cheerful' people? They'd even make a rose feel that it's guilty of spreading a good fragrance all around. (Note:Pun intended- for the flower rose as well as for people who're like roses and spread their fragrance by their positivity everywhere, like you wonderful bloggers on your blogs...thank you!)

Does this pic convey some of the above discussions aptly? hahaha.
Joke of the day:

To impress his date, the young man took her to a very chic Italian restaurant. After sipping some fine wine, he picked up the menu and studied it with an appraising eye. “We’ll have the Giuseppe Spomdalucci,” he said finally.“Sorry, sir,” said the waiter. “That’s the owner.”


Lazy Pineapple said...

Loved the joke :)

Oh gawd what pessimistic lot... better to stay away fro such gloomy people. They can never find joy in anything or appreciate improvements...really jaded and here I thought I had become jaded :P

AmitL said...

Hi,LP-haha-I loved the joke too,and just had to share it here.:)
The pessimists-yes,it's quite depressing to be with them-for me,the challenge is usually to elicit a smile from them somehow.:)

austere said...

What a toxic person.
door sey hi bye I think.

loved the end joke. still laughing.

~ Lopa said...

hahaha ROFL on that joke.

Btw i really feel India is really doing good. While at home i never needed to go to pay electricity bills, but i did once i was out for studies. And i felt it amazing what privatisation has done in A'bad. During those 5.5 years in that city, i hardly witnessed any powercuts.
Paying bills was easy and that even became easier when i started working with Torrent Pharama, it being same group we had a box like post box where we can simply drop a cheque to pay our electricity bill, life was never that simpler... hehehe

And yes about availability, you bet. One gets almost everything now there in India and so now it is really a headache on what to bring back home, whatever we bring we will have "Ohh we get this here" or "Beta don't spend on these things, we get everything here now".

Even chocolates we have all the types and at the same price, what i buy here for 1.80 EUR here, i pay there 120 Rs !

I dont know why people keep crying, and look at that express highway from A'bad to Baroda and from Baroda to Surat, it's takes almost half of the time driving now than it used to !

I am actually proud of the rate at which infra is developing.

rain girl said...

awesome joke.. and god, my sympathies for such a conversation :P

Arunima said...

indeed, the picture conveyed them all. :-) n lol at the joke. smsing to frens.