Friday, April 23, 2010

Memories: The Balloonwallah

I found this one while rummaging through some clippings in Baroda. Can you spot what the funny part of this is? It's a part of a drawing made by an air conditioning consultant for a theatre project, and given to me(when I was in my first company)  for preparation of our drawings. I'd been tempted to continue to use his literary expertise in my Co's drawings,  but decided against it.:)
For some reason, I'm reminded of the days in our ancestral home in Baroda. It was in the seventies- I was maybe 5 or 6 years old and, this was one of the big pleasures of life, then. In the evening, we'd go out towards Sursagar Lake. Right opposite it, there was a makeshift shelter made by a poor family. And, there was a wizened old guy there. He was a balloon seller. No, not gas balloons, but, round water balloons, about the size of an apple, and tied and strung by a black (cut) rubberband cut in 1/2 a foot length, made out of the material tyres are made of. It used to cost maybe 10 or 15 Paise then.

Now, this guy was quite fond of me(Ahem! Like many people are, even today...ROFL) as his regular customer, and would keep a slightly different coloured balloon for me everyday- blue, black, multicoloured, and so on. After buying it from him, I'd walk back with Dad or whoever had accompanied me, with a big smile on my face, feeling on top of the world and would totally concentrate on using the balloon like a know- hold it in the hand, let go with a bit of force, keeping the end of the rubber string in'd bounce back on the hand and make a 'splat' kind of sound. I'd keep collecting these precious balloons and displaying them to people, till each one's life ended by the water leaking out and the dead balloon had to be consigned to it's final burial ground- the dustbin.
Last week, we booked a Maruti Wagon R.....I did not have as big (Or, was there any?) a smile on my face. Sigh!
End joke- from Sandesh:

For those who don't get Gujju:
1. Rekha's telling Abhishek: Say my 'Jai Shri Krishna' to your Dad(Amitabh).

2. Kareena's asking Shilpa for hints on married life....She's saying, roughly translated: Pal, tell me something about wedding experiences, so that I can decide on how to proceed further(If I was there, I'd have added' Saifly')
Till the next post, keep smiling.


austere said...

That jsk was cute.

Lovely story about the ballonwalla.
Thanks for this one.

austere said...



AmitL said...

Austy-tku!Re. the balloonwalla-didn't you notice the remark after it?I was sure you would.:)
Re. Seating...hahahaha.:)

Lazy Pineapple said...


I imagined row upon row of commodes instead of seats :P

Balloons were so fascinating when we were kids...I remember the ones you have described...I loved them too...

AmitL said...

Hi,LP-haha...well,that's a new one-I didn't imagine rows upon rows of commodes...they wouldn't need an interval in the theatre,then...LOL.
Re. too?These kinda balloon sellers no longer exist in Baroda,I think.:)

austere said...

Gadi ka photo???
Which color ?
And pass the mithai dabba.


AmitL said...

Hi, still didn't get the significance? The water balloons were more fun..:)
Gadi ka photo,colour-will be up later-am not in Baroda these days.:)Tku.