Monday, April 05, 2010

An Arghh week

Strange title to the post? Read on: hahaha.

Besides being somewhat stressful, workwise, this week's been a real Arghh week. Let me recount why:

- There I am, two days back going at  steady 2-wheeler speed of 30 kmph, near the Nizampura traffic signal. Suddenly, this bloke- a pillion rider on a 2-wheeler which was 3-4 vehicles ahead of me, decides to purge his insides, puke, vomit(to give it it's 'middle class' name, as they say). And, his driver friend has seen the signal light turning green, so he doesn't want to stop, and increases his speed, in fact, rather than slowing down.

Let me best explain this by a movie scene- remember the scene in 'Main Hoon Na', where there's a bullet coming Shahrukh's way and he ducks a straight 90 degrees to avoid it, and you can see the trajectory of the bullet(It happens only in Bollywood, they say?haha)...or, remember Satish Shah's hi-speed of talking, which causes a whole lot of spit to fly out with it(someone actually raised an umbrella,I think) and SRK ducks again there also, to avoid it? You get the picture, I see- well, this was similar. The pillion rider is puking away and the puke's flying backwards  at the rate of 40 kmph at least. The horrified people in front of me couldn't duck in time-they all swerved left/right to avoid the flying mucus(I hope they did succeed) and nearly caused an accident. I was lucky enough to be able to swerve to the extreme right without hassles.

After this, there was the paan spitter on a bus- again, I was lucky enough to be away and someone else got the full red treatment. I'll never understand this craze people have to spit paan/beetle juice from moving vehicles-that's something they can very well control until their vehicle stops, I'm sure.

Then, some hectic activity at work(via email, of course), and I was feeling bugged, and went out, feeling' people,don't come in my way'...well, three did. The first one got an angry lesson  in driving etiquette from me(No, I don't use bad words). The second one was coming through a lane at 90 degrees to me, and in a car-well, this guy was aged, and he smiled and asked me to pass-that calmed me a bit. And, then, just as I exited the Pratapgunj lane, there's this guy coming from the wrong side, and he's angrily staring at me as if it's my fault. I stared back, even more angrily-finally I won...victory, victory!!:)
So there- wouldn't you call that an Arghh week, specially for calm, cool, collected me? ROFL!! The above pic depicts what I felt like doing to the spitt-ers.:)


Lazy Pineapple said...

oh ho someone is getting the first symptoms of road rage. Driving on Indian roads does that to you :)

My god puke...eeeewwww thank god I have been just spat on...puke is a completely different story heheh

austere said...

but expressing yourself and NOT taking everything sitting down is pretty important too.

I'm still learning this but I think its darned imp.

So not argh- but stand tall I think.
Puke, beetel spit is horrible.

Arunima said...

hahaha at the pic. but what a horrifying experience it must be. should have chased the goy and slapped him for not slowing down. yuks yuks yuks!

AmitL said...

Hi,,it's not road rage.:)As for the puke part,I guess it's best to forget it..arghh.:)
Hi,Austy- I agree- standing tall is important-but,as I said,the driver of the bike had sped away at the green light.:)
Arunima-so true!!But, so difficult when the vehicle in question is a bike being driven by a road hog,and me being a 30 kmph person,usually.:)