Monday, March 22, 2010

Sense of Humour

Don't you just love people with a sense of humour? Like today. Courtesy the next session for the RTC of my 2 famous teeth, I've been told to prefer icecream, liquids,etc  rather than chewing. So, I ordered a pineapple juice with icecream, supposedly to kill two birds with one stone, as they say in the proverb.

And, I told the restaurant guy, no sugar in the juice. And Mr. Smart Guy says' Oh, sir, but I can't avoid the  sugar in the icecream'...just as I was going to tell him to get sugarfree icecream, he turned around with a smile at the next person calling him...ROFL. I let the topic go, at that.

It reminded me of the time I was getting attestations on my degree, et al, and needed True Copy stamps by a Notary on the certificate. This was in 1997, when I'd first gone to Abu Dhabi for 3 months on deputation.(My long trip began in year 2002) Now, we were staying in our city home that time and I always used to see a notary's board during my evening walk, in a dilipidated building right opposite the famous Ram Mandir, on our Road. So, it struck me'why not go see this guy'...with a bit of apprehension, I climbed the rickety stairs, and knocked on the door which opened right at the end of the stairs(yes, no landing in some ole houses). And, this lady comes and asks 'whom do you need?' I spoke the name of the Notary(from my memory, which was pretty sharp in those days, may I add.heh heh). And, she looks for a minute at me, then says ' You'll have to wait a long time. Woh upar gaye....' I thought he must be having a bath, then Pooja, then food or something like that, as oldies from that generation do, and said' if it's just 1/2 hr or so, I can wait'. And, the lady laughs and says' No, he's gone to heaven 5 years back. That's why I said you'll have to wait long to see him.' 

I didn't know whether to get bugged, as to why they keep his nameplate there, then.. but, thought it's better to enjoy the joke.

Since then,I realized, there're Notary's all around Baroda-any area you go to, there'll be 2-3.
That reminds me of a joke I read in today's Gujarat Samachar(Next post is on my newspaper choice,btw)...first is this limerick(And don't say I didn't warn you that it's a REAL PJ):

When you are lonely,
Sit on the rocks,
Remove your shoes,
And Smell Your Socks.
(You have to picture yourself doing that in a lonely moment, if you want to laugh at this one)
Then, there's this ad, modified:

Gandhiji ne kyon kahaa Angrezon se' Chale Jaao, Chale Jaao'.
...Repeat...(As in Shayaris)
Ans: Melody khaao, khud jaan jaao. (For those not in the know, Melody is a choco-toffee and this is similar to a typical melody ad).
Another one:
Sugar prices are continuously rising.
Sharad P, our Hon'ble  Minister, has said that people should reduce their usage of sugar.
Reading this, college girls(and guys) just can't wait for him to become the Textile Minister, since clothese prices keep going up also.

Gotcha..with that bit of (sic)humour, it's bye till the next post. Or,err,wait,let's continue the pictorial joke idea from the last post, as 'the end joke'(pun intended):


austere said...

That ooper gaya was terrific. :))

Still cant stop laughing on that one.

Ya, ya icecream!

AmitL said...

Austy,LOL-doesn't it remind you of one of the typical scenes from a Paresh Rawal movie, where he says 'Woh toh chal base'?

Arunima said...

smelly socks? :-)

AmitL said...