Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prizes,Jokes and all

First news first- from 23.02 to the previous post, I answered everyone's comments..thanks,all of you, for the regular visits here and taking the trouble to share your views/comments...always welcome.They always bring a smile to my face.

Ahem-this one's from last week's Patrika(newspaper)-see winner no. 2.:) Feels great,coz it's the first time I won a prize via an SMS contest..:) Not bad-the money's not the big thing-it's just the thrill of seeing one's name selected from what must've been 100s of correct entries...:)
I was going to make this post @ my newspaper choices,but, it needs a lot of writing time,so,I'll do it next time...I want to translate this joke,today, from Gujarat Samachar.

The joke begins with a thought- why do so many terr*ris*s come from places round the world but not from Ahmedabad? Why are there no Ahmedabadi terr*ris*s? The analysis:

1. Ahmedabadis never reach on time. If they want to hij*ck a flight, they'd reach the airport in an auto, after the flight takes off.

2. If they do catch the flight, they see all the free tea,coffee,drinks and food, and forget what they really came on the flight for.

3. If they do manage to hij*ck a flight, they'll want to take a photo with the hostage air hostess, and would begin fighting between themselves, as to who'll get photographed first.

4. After hij*cking a flight, they'd not take it to Dxb, Afghan*stan or somewhere like that-they'd take it to,say, Myanmar or some such backward country, since the plane's aviation fuel can be drained and sold at a higher rate there.

5. If they do plan to hij*ck a flight, the police would know 2 weeks in advance. Why? Because they'd have spread the word in Khadia, Naranpur, Bapunagar, etc, telling their friends and relatives'Boss, we're going to hi*ack a plane on .....*

6. They'd postpone a hij*cking mission, with the reasoning, 'Yaar, today, India is playing in the (cricket) match(so, that's more important)'.

For those who'd like to enjoy it and the other jokes of the week in Gujarati, here's the clipping...it's more hilarious due to the original wordings.:)
Today was a repeat of a previous experience. I'd gone to R. Fresh- (love shopping there-lots of variety), to collect a reduced price gift. They have this scheme,that if you spend so-and-so amount this month, you get a free gift of so-and-so value, for reduced price. Well, the gift was a pair of Treo bowls, which looked fab, and were well worth it.

So, I went to the checking counter, and asked him to check my membership card and confirm the amount spent. He confirmed the amount, and I said, well, make the voucher for it. He began making it for a milton water bottle, which was for a smaller amount..I said, 'No, I want the bowls'-when he looked at me blankly, I pointed out their poster on the wall

He goes up and looks closely...and, realization dawns on him ....'Oh, you mean the two bowels'....ROFL..well, I did finally get my two bow(e)ls, intact and in fine condition!!Always feels good to have them in that state, you know..hehehehe!Want to see a pic?(don't look so horrified-it's the genuine bowels,err, bowls from Treo)- here it is:

It's the two big ones, 500 L each....:) Microwave proof, dishwasher safe.:)

More details? Click here and click 'mixing bowl'.
Till the next post, cheerio!!:)


~ Lopa said...

How many quizzes do you take part in?
Or tell me your participating and winning ratio, i will make the calculations :P

ROFL on pics of Bowels...oooops Bowls :D

austere said...

Thanks for a great laugh.
And Congrats on the mention in that Patrika quiz.

Treo looks nice.

AmitL said...

Hi, Lopa-that'll come up in a forthcoming post-and,haha-I'll indeed leave the arithmetic part to you.:)
ROFL at ur remark on the Bow(e)ls.
Austy-tku..:)And, yes,Treo is a good brand.I'd read about them some time back.The scheme was at Reliance Fresh-are they aggresively selling in Mumbai,too?

Lazy Pineapple said...

hey congrats :) you keep winning quizzes....

Wifey must be happy with the treo bowels na :)

Good going dude.

AmitL said...

Hi,LP-it's great fun-try it..there must be some newspaper contests in Lancaster,too?:)

Arunima said...

huh! never get tired of saying this, but congratulations yet again.

envy your bow(e)ls :-)

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima-tku again...:)And, regarding the envy part- you made me really ROFL..:)