Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Name Is T

Hi. My name is T and it's really all my fault. I have this habit, or call it an obsession of not sitting idle and exploring all the time. If it's not a crevasse here, it's a niche(My pet names for various kinds of...err,blushh!!) there that attracts my fancy.  Sometimes I get OCD. If I see some protuberance(Ohhh...I said it) in a crevasse, I have to know what it is- so, I explore it once, twice, umpteen number of times- till it proves fatal(not for me, of course- I'm a lithe little...*censored*.

I know, I know, I'm the lucky one- most of the time, I'm the first to get a taste of things to come(Pun intended)-the rest all have to follow me, including M, C, P, I mean, M,C,I.....of course, sometimes, it's not so good- and I end up feeling bitter about the whole experience- then, I make my annoyance felt in various ways. ( M, C and I(I as in ink, not me) get spared the irritation, since I(me) act upon the bitterness before it reaches them).Sometimes, I go totally white with anger at being mistreated(which is rare), and no amount of cajoling by way of the  gentlest of movements can get my anger to subside. At such times, I let the pampering continue till   late in the evening, maybe even till bedtime. If I'm still angry, I try and hurt myself, by putting myself in between two whites, and,well, let me just say, once bitten twice shy does not apply to silly me.

Well, to come back to what I was saying-this time,it's really my fault- I had to get obsessed, first with the  slice of cucumber(or, was it a carrot?). I should have thought 'all's well that ends well',but I never learn. I kept checking  again and again, till M(No. 2 of my friends' circle) decided to give up, and left, heart, nee, half broken up. I still didn't stop exploring, and kept returning to the same spot- because I could sense something or someone new sitting there- I called him a C(No, no bad words,puhlease). It took me a few days, maybe a month, and then, even that little stubborn titch of a brown guy(C) gave up and split. I felt victorious. But not for long. Guess why?  Because I had to work overtime, to greet and bid farewell to all the guests that kept coming during the day, and that refused to leave till I physically moved them away from the now forlorn seats.

Finally, I got my punishment- I had to sit quietly for two hours, while someone worked hard to make my friends return as close to normalcy as they could, from their half-mad, broken state of mind. They rudely pushed me to the side, in fact, they wedged me into a seat, and then began helping the Ms(No. 1 and 2- they both are identical, only their size differentiates them from being mistaken for twins, you know). I felt like screaming out loud, but, I was trapped and I knew it. I made a lot of promises to myself, to behave in future and not let my exploratory urges get away from me.

I did return home with the rest of my friends(However much we love or hate each other, we must always be together). And, do you think I stayed put? Hahahaha-keep dreaming. So now, again I have a two hour punishment. They'll again ignore me while they see if the Ms can finally be convinced to return to their happy state of mind.
Ahh-there's still time- let me see if I can cause any more mischief !

(PS: Any guesses as to who I am ?)...All will be revealed shortly.


Lazy Pineapple said...

omh this is one hell of a riddle post...I am still scratching my head....

waiting for you to reveal the actual story :)

Poo said...

Oh god...I don't know...I suck at riddles, but I will try to crack this one!!!

AmitL said...

Hi,LP-haha-so,how did you like the results?
Poo,did u see the answers?Or,did you crack the riddle beforehand?