Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Name Is T-did you guess?

Hahaha....some people read this post and thought that I was writing an 'A'only way,folks-not on this blog. On my third blog, maybe(second is 'Inspirations)...u'd have to see it and judge!But that's all in good,clean (?)fun only.:)

Answers to the post:

T= Tongue
M,C,I= Molars, Canines, Incisors
C= Cement

Corelate them with the root canal treatment I've been having(Had round 3 today and,good lord,it's so painful!Arghh!Must watch a comedy movie now-wish I had some nitrous oxide(laughing gas) at home) for two teeth(the two Ms), and you'll know what it's all about..ROFL!!

I always used to prefer the autobiography, in essay-writing in school-it used to be something most others would avoid. And it used to get me the highest scores.

I remember writing on the autobiography of an old bag, a purse, et al...want me to try it here,one of these days?Maybe I will.

Till the next post, cheerio!


shooting star said...

yeah, u should write the autobiography of....lets see...what about a shoe????....
root canal is verry verry painful, so wish you all the luck and courage to see thru it!!

Lazy Pineapple said...

hehe your previous post did sound quite rated :P but now it makes it clear. I died laughing when I read it again now keeping in mind that you are talking about Teeth :)

A unique way to write an Autobiography.

~ Lopa said...

OMG, hahahaha
i have to read prev post again to make everything make sense...hehehe

i have gone thru root canal surgery 6 years back and i sure know man and still remember, it hurts like anything !

Manju said...

ahhh shoot! i came too late! you already gave the answer! sorry i've been away from blogsphere these days :(

austere said...

So many rc's.
sympathies. and admiration.


Cynic in Wonderland said...

ahem. verr xrated.

AmitL said...

Hi,SS-thank you-good idea-will write an autobio of a shoe,surely..tks.:)
And,yes,RCT is painful-I never knew how much..treatment's still on.
Hi,Lopa-did u read the post again?:)And,what was the reaction?
Hi,Manju-haha-no hassles- did u like the post,though,even with the answers?:)
Hi,Austy-haha-well,it's just two teeth,but,they're side-by-side,and,well,the treatment's still going on..arghh!!
Cyn-what???hahahahaha..after reading the answers,you're saying this?

~ Lopa said...

yes, i did.... and reaction was rofl :D