Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Letter, documents,et al

First letter of April- Men's Health!(In fact, first letter to this nice mag, too!)
Amongst other things:

Doesn't the new requirement for documents drive you mad, sometimes? I wanted to open an a/c (somewhere)-
-well, you need your pan card.
- Bank account- should have name same as in pan card, including middle name, if mentioned.
- If you submit the voter id card, it should have no spelling mistakes(till now, all the cards I've seen have had them- if spelling is right, they've changed your birth year to some years earlier. I suspect this was to make the 16 yr olds also, come within the 18 yr voting age limit, though I'm not 16, of course...LOL)...
- same was for driving license, which also had ancestral home..but, being the perceptive person I am(ROFL),I got it changed two weeks back...
- Also, a bank statement required- it should have your address mentioned-in these days of net-banking, how many banks give passbooks and/or monthly statements? And, which net statement has your address?

Finally, a combo of driving license/Pan Card/ corrected bank PB...and, the deed is done- I'd decided to ensure it ends today.Ahh!!The feeling of having endured the hot weather outside, to finally get things done- amazing!!
Jokes for the day:
(an ole one): Did you know James Bond Roger Moore had a Maharashtrian cousin? Rajaram More
And, carrots have a language of their own- 'Gajar'ati
 And,arghhh!!          Q: What did one fart say to another?
                               A: 'Mile sur mera tumhara!'

Till the next post, cheerio!:)


Lazy Pineapple said...

hahah the jokes were sooo funny :)

Documents and documents...I have a had a respite from that for some time , Thank god. I am dreading December when I have to renew my passport and Driving Licence ugh...

Have u been following Monk's theory? haven't heard a peep from you in sometime :P

austere said...

Your letter was spot on.

And yes, it is a mess getting ANY official work done. The blazing sun does not help.

Arunima said...

hola, all your letters seem to be getting published yaar. :-)

umm, I have a lot of documentation pending. Need to take charge of my finances.

AmitL said...

Hi,LP-yes,the jokes do make one LOL,the first time,na?:)Good luck with your passport,etc renewals.:)
Austy,that's absolutely true.:)
Arunima-ahem!Tku.:)As for documentation- think paperless.:)