Monday, February 15, 2010

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A Beautiful Blog Award!

Suddenly I have two tags to do. I also have so many thoughts running around my mind, but, forget to note them down by the time I can put pen to paper and note it down.

Thank a lot, Lopa, for this award. It feels great to read your comments, and, an award- even more so.:)

Ok so here are the rules of this tag :

1) Thank the person who gave you the award. (I just did..:) See, who begins a tag even before the rules?Me, me!!)

2) Paste the award on your blog.

3) Link the person who nominated you for the award.

4) Share 7 things you find to be beautiful around you.

5) Nominate 7 bloggers or more

I would, of course, like to do this tag twice, once when I’m in Dxb next. Let’s see, let’s see. Today, it’s all about Baroda, my favourite city. There’re surely more than 7 things that I find beautiful around me, but, well, here’s the Top 20, err, I mean, Top 7. If you don’t feel like moving to Baroda after reading this, it’ll mean I didn’t do a good sales job.

Let me divide this up, to make it simpler: Morning, afternoon, evening, night


1. Getting up and seeing only greenery outside our 7th Floor window. Going to EME Temple and it’s serene atmosphere. Beginning the day with prayers. Going to Sayaji Park for my morning walk, with or without a stopover at my friendly neighbourhood chaiwallah- I go there, simply coz the simple talks there brighten up my morning. There’s one guy who sits with crates of milk, and it’s fun to see how he greets his daily clients, reads us the news in Gujarati. And, of course, the people who come there, who make funny remarks in their morning freshness mood(The ‘Vaandro Udhto Udhto Gayo’ one (from one of my previous posts) was heard here only. Even the tea guy is feeling all charged up, and hopping around like he’s doing some aerobic exercises, while the tea boils. Good fun.

2. At the park: I always close my mp3 player when I’m near the birds and animals section(the park is just outside the zoo area, which remains closed). The morning sounds of chirping birds, clacking cockatoos, et al, are music to the ears. Go a bit to the other side, where there’s the deer, lions, et al section. And, you can see some frisky deer hopping real fast up and down the mounds made specially for them. 

3. There’s also some stags locking horns/antlers with each other making a clackety-clack sound. There’s also a museum and picture gallery, an aquarium and a planetarium in the Park, all of which I’ve not seen since the last 5 years or more. So, that’s something to look forward to.

4. Coming out from the park: There’s a guy who sells fresh juices of the healthy kind- adrak, tulsi, etc- makes a panchamrut that makes you feel really rejuvenated. Nowadays, he also brings green tea and mixes with adrak juice, etc- try it-you’ll get addicted to it.

5. Going to my friendly library guy in the station area. They’re a family –all brothers, cousins, etc and have 4 shops in their area. We first went to them when I was in, maybe IInd or IIIrd Std. Archie and Richie Rich reading charges used to be based on the price written- so, if it was 25 cents, it’d be 25 paise. But, that’s  a tale for another time.


         6. Except for summer time, when the 45 deg C plus heat gets on my nerves, the afternoon weather here is great- take  a 15 min nap and you feel like you slept for 2 hrs. Maybe it’s also coz our area is so peaceful(touchwood).


7. Our City’s so good, you can go from one end to the other in max 45 minutes on a two-wheeler. Though, of course, courtesy some of the bad roads(All regards to the municipality, they’ve been repairing the Roads at great speed lately), it’s not too much fun to go like that.
 down VIP Road or New VIP Road (Read’ NRI Road’ on the two-wheeler, since most of the houses /bungalows in the area are occupied by NRIs and  invested in by NRIs), hence the Roads are also made wider than the widest and there's hardly any traffic jam.

Well, that’s the Tag done already…maybe a Part II is required- all about the MSU and it’s various faculties, the Royal Palace and the part open for viewing, Crossword, Inox, 7 Seas, neighbours,……endless list, .:)

Bloggers to Tag: Should be easy- let’s see now- which bakras,err, bloggers to pick on...:) All the good ones, of course..The Beautiful Blogger award is hereby awarded by me to: Austy, LP, Poo, Manju, Dee, Sush, MJ, (Arunima, you're already tagged by Lopa, so you're allowed to do the tag once, yet, take the award twice..:))…and, the tag is also passed on to everyone else who's not too regular these days, but,  would like to take up this tag(Cyn, you listening?) 


Lazy Pineapple said...

cool tag :) will do it soon. thanks for tagging me.

austere said...

This is a LOVELY post.
You're almost tempting me to ditch Race Course/Alkapuri for serene, quiet Fatehgunj.

And thank you for the blog award.

I so needed to read something quiet and beautiful t'day.
Will be in for a few hours tomorrow and will rush back.

~ Lopa said...
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~ Lopa said...

Finally, yeyyyy ! :)

Well this should be a very good start of my day, but it is not... reading your post made me feel home-sick :(
Baroda is my second home, my whole family is there, i spent my each and every vacation there hanging with my cousins. City has given me a few of very close friends and we have so many great memories there...

Now a days Dairy Dan and Kalyan has lost its charm but back those days they were coolest place to hang around for us, teenagers !
Pizza from Kalyan, Strawberry Milkshake from Dairy Dan and then a ride on Kinetic around MA and Kala Ghoda:) and not to forget EME temple !

Pani Puri at Alkapuri... shopping at Alkapuri, sizzler at sizzler....awwww :(

i want to hang out with my friends now( though hardly anyone in Baroda now) and I want to go home :(

Arunima said...

when peopl tag you, you don't feel like doing it. yet, i checked if you mentioned my name and was glad to see it. ha haha.

very nice descriptions of your morning, noon and evenings. I wish I could get up earlier and go for walks or a jog. all i do is chase my office bus.

Lazy Pineapple said...

btw made no mention of the blog award...kanjoos....

Bass you have chipkofied that tag :P

AmitL said...

Hi,LP-tks..proceed,pls..and,your other comment- haha-I edited the post ..tks for pointing out-u're quite sharp, and it just proves that you read thoroughly.:)
Hi,Austy-of course- Fatehgunj is a really quiet place, compared to RC/Alkapuri..yesterday,someone was telling me-wait 5 yrs, Fatehgunj will be Baroda's Bandra.:)
-----'re a Barodawaasi?I didn't know that...yes- even I have grt memories from the past,and you're right-Dairy Den and Kalyan used to be the 'in' places then.Now, there's too much competion. And,there's San's Sizzlers,as you mentioned..and pani puri(though I haven't relished that since quite some time..too scared of water quality, I guess)
Plan a Baroda trip one of these days.:)
Hi, Arunima-haha-do you really mean that? BTW, check the tag again- I edited the portion where I mentioned people's names.:)
Don't worry-you'll also be able to go for walks,etc-just focus on what you want..:)

Arunima said...

thank you ji!

~ Lopa said...

Haha, i completely agree what Arunima wrote, even i rarly do tags, in fact that one was first that i did, but i always check and feel happy if I was nominated :)

Not Barodawasi in exact sense, but spent all the vacations there when was in school. My dad works in Bharuch and so we lived there but all my mausi, mama, foi, cousins [all in all more than 50 people from family ;) ] are there in Baroda and a few very close friends i met in college. So that way Baroda is a second home.

During college, we were at Surat and We had done a special Baroda trip for sizzler when one of our friends had infromed us, there is this new place with great sizzlers ;)

There was this street also with opan lauris on racecourse road where we used to go for eve hangout,but a few years back it was closed... and ya road to chandan multiplex, we used to go there for drive just to harrass people
And Jagdish ni Bhakharwadi, my favourite... This Aug when i was there i brought so many packets and even distributed them here in my frnds ;)

Anz said...

Wah tags still not out. I agree with Lopa for the award. Feels really good to read your posts again. This is more luring to ensure I be more regular.

Lazy Pineapple said...

Amit: Thanks and sorry for being so cheeky :P I